Sometimes the best days aren’t planned at all.

Last Sunday we all had a fun day.  It was just all kinds of silliness as we rushed (always rushing) to get to church on time.  We were late.  We talked too long after church.  We spent a lot of the day laughing.  It was wonderful.


I was really hoping for the same thing this week.

But it just wasn’t. 

We were grouchy and short with each other.  There were tears between brothers.  There was yelling and shouting and the general gnashing of teeth.  There were no plans for food and the boys do have this panicky thing if I say the words, “I’m not sure what is for dinner.”

On the way to church we kept trying to fight for last weeks joy.  We were fighting the gloom but it felt like we were loosing. 

So we slumped down in the seats at church and attempted a refilling. 

Jake and I had a meeting after church so the boys drove home without us. As the meeting went on I began to get texts like “Are you coming home?” and “We are STARVING”.

3pm and hamburgers were finally served along with 6 boxes of Dollar General 1.25 microwavable tater tots because when you don’t plan for dinner, this is what you get. 

We inhaled the food we were so hungry.

Throughout dinner, we were still fighting for joy and still not reaching it.  

The entire day was heavy with fog.  It never lifted.  The day felt dreary and drab and sad.  I was fighting a splitting headache. 

But we decided to go for a walk anyhow.  And while I was secretly hoping that none of the boys went with Jake, Liberty and I so I could get a little break from screeching and nerf wars and yelling, they came along with us. 

All four of them.

It’s so rare for all six of us to do something together right now and I was watching the boys all play basketball at the school hoops with Jake and my heart was just bursting with love and happiness for this moment. 

We had a fun afternoon. #sundayfunday

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We were giddy silly for no other reason than it was a good time to be giddy silly.

I was shivering cold and it was beginning to rain but we kept hanging out and I had to catch a photo.

This one shows all the boys smiling.  The six or so before that were of them all pummeling each other.  In fun, don’t get me wrong.  It was shrieks of laughing and “Mama!  Save me!” giggles.

Stuff that makes a mama’s heart burst with love.

But this photo shows us all together and I think I just may frame it.  This day was one for sure to remember.

As is this moment….


#GoDaddyGo 😂 Unexpected fun afternoon with all my guys. #sundayfunday ❤️

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Sunday Funday.

So thankful for the gift of them.

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