I couldn’t figure out why with every word he was saying he was slowly walking backwards and then it struck me…it was the aura of stink.

Thursday night S3 has youth group.  Because of winter roads and that he was in his first play and Odyssey of the Mind practice, we haven’t been in awhile.  But this Thursday we COULD.

Thursday night youth group can be a real pain to get to.  It’s a rush rush rush to finish dinner and rush out the door, find someone to help me with getting S4 to and from basketball practice and all that.  But once it’s just S3 and me, I know we made the right choice.

In a world of lots of things to do, I love the moments with just one and one time with one of my boys.  We catch up, just the two of us, and we always stop for a McDonald’s Iced Tea.

Because church is kind of a drive away, I hang out at the church while he is at youth group.  It works great.  I get caught up on our schedules and sometimes I just read.  JUST READ.  Oh, it’s heavenly.

This back to school after Christmas break has been really kicking my butt and I could not wait to get settled in with my coffee and planner and just attempt to catch up.

God had other plans.

There was a band practice going on and I chatted with the music director for half a second (who thought I was a teacher thanks to my insane calendar, bless him).

There was an exercise class going on to the side of me that usually is in a side room but they had gotten too large and so I was awkwardly trying not to watch them as I sat in my chair and they worked out.

There is a “living room” room near me and a bunch of guys met up there and I didn’t want to be in their way either.

Then there was a little girl with two littler kiddos with her.  She would walk by and ask me what time it was.  The little kids would wave to me.  And finally I just gave up.  I got out my felt pens and asked if they wanted to color.

I had noticed an odd – ie BAD – scent wafting by every now and then and considered checking the garbages but never had.  But when these kiddos came up to color at my table, I knew what it was.

Super.  Stinky.  Diaper.

I am very sensitive to scents so this was a true test to me.  I chatted with the second grader who was caring for her siblings.  I attempted to not breathe through my nose.  I could quickly figure out by the way the night had gone that this little girl had changed her siblings diaper and not wanting to stink up the bathroom, she was still carrying it with her.

It.  Was.  Awful.

As the nights were wrapping up for all the groups, our pastor stopped by to say hello and as he was talking to me, he kept taking a step backwards.

At first I was like, “Is it me?”

And then it dawned on me.  OH!  The diaper!

And THEN I got thinking “Oh my gosh, I hope he doesn’t think WE stink that bad!”

But by then he was off talking with someone else and what could I do?  I let it go.

But next week, we are totally going to figure out a way to deal with stinky diapers and have more crayons for little kids.  I may be craving quiet alone time, but I think God may have something else for me.

I just hope it doesn’t continue with an aura of stink.

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