The following is an email I sent out before 8am on a weekday to S2’s first hour teacher concerning S2 and S3 and coffee.  S2 had arrived to school extra early for FCA and had left in such a rush that he hadn’t poured himself some coffee.


Please let Isaac know that I did in fact remember him. I made him coffee/cocoa. Eli said he would deliver it to him in your class but he also said he hoped you had a strict no coffee rule so he could drink it instead and then they all forgot to grab it.

I did consider, when they stopped behind a bus, running down the sidewalk to give it to them.

But I am in my pj’s and my hair is sticking up and I figured it would be wiser to let Isaac go without coffee then have all the boys teased forever about their mama running down the sidewalk in her pj’s and slipping and falling in the snow and ice and then wearing the coffee cocoa she had been carrying.

That’s how much I love him.



This year I have been asked to by various teachers to please email them occasionally because they miss getting my stories.  I didn’t know I gave out stories.  I did, however, very really truly send this out to a teacher last week.  And it made me pause and say….yes, I can see why our family has a reputation when I send things out like this.

Also, please note the GREAT LOVE my boys have for each other.  S3 had already had his coffee that morning, he just wanted to be able to mock his older brother by drinking his coffee for him instead.

Anyhow, I thought I would share it all from that morning.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Tonya says:

    Love it! What a great blog post.

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