Jake has been cutting the boys’ haircuts since they were itty bitty.  I would get them for the first year and I was allowed to take them to get their baby hair cuts.  But after that, Jake took over and he gave them all the same hair cut.  The same buzz cut.  Every.  Time.

S3 is the one who decided he wants his hair to be long.  And this causes all kinds of grief because “Daddy ain’t raising no hippies” and S3 is very protective about not having his hair cut.

Recently we visited our area Tech Center.  In our school district we have a Tech school and they offer all kinds of classes.  We were there for the first time and while we were there to check out the AIS class for S1, we happened to find the cosmetology school.

The cosmetology school was located right next to the classroom for the AIS class and they were offering free m&m’s and my husband was bored and suddenly had the bright idea that maybe “all them hair cutters” were bored too and would want to show off their hair cutting skills on S3.

As it turns out, they don’t cut hair at the Tech Center.

They do, however, cut hair down the street at (as Jake calls it) The Barber Shop.  Their hair cuts cost a $4.99.

Jake, who cuts the boys hair to save money, jumped all over the chance to get the boys hair cut at this great deal.

He also tried to convince me that I should go to get my hair done there as well – THINK OF ALL THE MONEY WE WOULD SAVE – and I gave him a look that has us not bringing up this subject again.

S3 is pretty excited that a PROFESSIONAL will be cutting his hair.

S4 is worried to death.  “I only want someone I trust to cut my hair,” he explained, using his puppy eyes on Jake.  “What if they mess it up?”

We all explained to him that since he only cuts his hair in one style – blade one buzz cut – he should be pretty safe.

He isn’t sure.

So Jake thought he would offer them this song of encouragement.


He is so helpful.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.  S3, S4 and I are headed to the Barber Shop (it’s not called that but that name is now stuck in my head) and I am totally bribing S4 to get through the day.  And NO ONE is touching my hair – well, except Hannah because (and I quote) “I only want someone I trust to cut my hair.” – .  I will attempt to get before and after photos and not forget because I feel we will need photos for tomorrows post.

As I write this, S4 is loudly proclaiming in the chair next to me as he waits for Red Green to come one, “We could be saving money and you could be cutting my hair but OH NO! WASTE MONEY ON MY HAIR!”


This ought to be a memorable day, for sure.

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5 Responses to Haircuts

  1. Jennifer says:

    You gotta love a good buzz cut.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Funny you are going from at home to dragging the boys to a barbershop. I had the displeasure of my boys getting bad haircuts at the barbershop and I said enough to paying for bad haircuts. I asked my then boyfriend, now husband to help me cut the children’s hair. We got a good set of Wahl clippers, children’s hair cape and the neck strips. He watched a few YouTube videos with me and we felt ready to start. We set the chair up on the patio for easy cleanup. We started with the younger one, he wanted his shorter for the summer. My husband coached me on the technique of keeping the attachment flat against the head and starting with a larger number first. We went with a #6 on top and blended it to a #4 on the sides and #2 at the base of the neck. Cleaned up the neckline with the peanut clippers. Looked great, not scalped like the barber did. My older one wanted his longer, so we used the #6 on the sides an my husband took over with the scissor over comb cutting on the top. Using the scissors scared me. He is good with the shears, he had been cutting my hair for me since we first started dating to save me from the horrors of bad haircuts at the salon. Both boys got great looking haircuts, well groomed, not shaved, I don’t like the melon head look, and my husband has been doing them ever since as my older boy fired me and the younger followed suit. That’s ok, because it still saves me the hassle of taking them to the barber, the wait, the cost and a bad haircut. It saves me hundreds a year. Getting my locks trimmed at home every 6-8 weeks, also spares me having to make an appointment, wait my turn, try to explain what I want to stylist that does what they want anyway, paying too much for a haircut I not satisfied with and wasting a morning or afternoon on a Saturday. The boys are both very happy with their haircuts as am I. It is more convenient and I find it relaxing when he puts out a glass of wine for me, capes me, combing, sectioning and trimming each layer. I feel so pampered and relaxed knowing there won’t be a pile of hair on the floor and a hacked haircut.

    • life4boys says:

      Looks like you have a great thing going!

      • Cheryl says:

        Yes, I do. I am very happy with the situation. I have had my neighbor and a couple friends stop by during haircut sessions. One friend watched the boys getting their haircuts as she has three boys and wanted to save the expense of the barbershop, she knew my husband cuts my hair and hinted she could use a haircut. My neighbor stopped by when I was getting mine trimmed and my roots touched up with henna. She watched the process and said she spent $125 for her cut and color, but she liked my husband’s work. I don’t want my home turned into a walk in salon, so I discourage my husband from cutting other women’s hair as after he does it once, they will want him to continue to cut their hair. He is my personal stylist and I only want him cutting family member’s hair.

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