I went two days without sitting in front of my fireplace and it was a long two days.

We have been so insanely busy and this week is busier than last week!  I don’t even know how I can handle that.

Tonight Jake had the day off because he had a four hour long dentist appointment (please reread that.  Because you read it correctly.  Four. Hours.)  but that meant he was home this afternoon and he chopped up some wood and carried it in to light a fire before I asked him too.

Technically, I had been bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t had a fire in the fireplace for two days but I had not actually asked for a fire.

I made up a pot of chili when I got home from work and we brought our bowls down into the living room to sit in front of the fireplace. As I walked down the stairs I began to sing.

I am not a singer. At all. But I do have an uncanny knack to take simple tunes and make up silly songs to go with many various situations. S4 informs me this is one of his favorite things about me.

S3 and I worked out the lines together and then we sang it for everyone.

“Mama,” S4 began seriously, “You need to quit your job at the library and become a song writer. You would be great at it.”

Isn’t he sweet?

The thing I love about the fireplace the most is that it draws us all together.  I have always loved campfire times and this fireplace is much like an indoor campfire.  We even roast marshmallow!

We all sit around and watch the fire and talk amongst ourselves.  It’s as if no one can find us here and it’s our very special place.

In a time of extreme busyness, this time around the fireplace slows us done and brings us all together.


Oh, Fireplace

(to the tune of Oh, Christmas tree)

Oh, fireplace.  Oh, fireplace.

How I love you, fireplace!

You’re so warm and cozy too!

I never want to leave you!

Oh fireplace, oh fireplace!

How I love you, fireplace!

I don’t think that anyone from Nashville will be calling for my song writing ability but it was nice to sing the song with my two little boys before bed tonight.

Special thanks to S3 who helped me write this post so I would get it “just right”.









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2 Responses to Oh, Fireplace!

  1. Jennifer Hill says:

    I had a fireplace growing up. Best memory… Sitting in front of it warming up after Saturday night showers. Because you know when I was a kid everyone took a shower Saturday night to be good, clean and ready for church on Sunday. ;)

  2. Ron - Arkansas says:

    Poor Jake! I would have rather gone to work than sit in a dentist’s chair for 4 hours. I’ll bet he was out there chopping wood just to work out his frustrations.

    I can just see him out there chopping away … “Oh yeah? – Well take THIS Dr. Dentist.” WHACK! ” Trust me, you won’t feel a thing” WHACK! “I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming huh Doc!” WHACK! “Oh did that one hurt? I’m sorry” WHACK! “Just this one more shot Doc” WHACK!

    Trust me. – You can chop a lot of wood when you’re properly motivated.

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