I must begin this post by saying, RELAX, I am fine and knowing that this is a humorous post for you to laugh at me will make the reading of it much more enjoyable.   I did really catch my hair on fire and I thought you may want to know how I am talented enough to do that.

On Wednesday I went to Praise and Coffee where we were meeting for the last time until next year when we start a whole new book that I may or may not be thrilled about.  Okay, I am totally thrilled by the title and I am waiting to tell you what it is because what if it’s awful?

Anyway, Julie who is delightful and crafty and oozes class and I wish I knew how she did that, made us all lavender eye pillows because she is awesome like that.  And who knew I was going to need that eye pillow in big ways that day?

Apparently God did.  And Julie.

Side note: When I showed the boys the eye pillow they were all kinds of confused.  “How does it work?” S3 asked quizzically, like maybe you really can take your eyeballs out and let them rest on a pillow and somehow he had never known about this amazing thing but really, that sounded crazy and gross… so awesome.  But Mama did have an eye pillow and why on earth would she?  S3 and S4 studied it confusedly while I explained to them you heated it up in the microwave and then you laid on the couch and put it on your eyes to help you relax.  “And it’s lavender because all OLD women love the smell of lavender,” added S1 who works for Christine at Hilltop and apparently old women like the lavender scented things and have been ordering a lot of it lately and he totally grouped his mama in with the old women and I may or may not have forgiven him for this yet. 

After Praise and Coffee, where I tried to convince Christine we could totally go out to lunch as well as do our insurmountable list of things to do but finally decided we are boring, responsible grown ups and better tackle our unsurmountable to do list, I headed to the farmhouse to put wood in the outdoor wood furnace because the farmhouse hasn’t sold yet and it is December in Michigan.

It was while doing this that I heard and then felt my hair crinkle and singe all the way up my face.

I may have freaked.

Apparently I am vain in the uttermost because I could not even stand to look in the mirror, I just finished filling the furnace and then immediately drove right to the library where I begged Alicia to please cut all the dead burnt hair out of my head.

Best friends do these sorts of things for each other.

She has done this for me before but this time she said things like, “Oh, wow.  Um, think you can get ahold of Hannah?”

Hannah cuts my hair and she doesn’t work on Wednesdays and it’s December, the hairdressers insane month.  I was thinking how I may be able to rock a headband for the next six weeks.  And I was going to have to figure out how to rock that headband TONIGHT because I was working admissions at the school that night for basketball.  Hooray for greeting everyone with uneven hair.

When Alicia was finished doing the best she could do, I headed for the door and was stopped short by the sight of snow.

Lots of snow.

It was drenching my dreary world and good gracious, did I ever need that lavender eye pillow.

I made a semi-frantic call to my hair dresser’s shop and amazingly they had an open spot for me to get my hair fixed the very next day.  Never mind that meant I would then have FOUR appointments in the same day.  I was totally going to make that hair appointment.

No, I don’t think I want to be that trendsetter.  Sheesh.  That guy is CRAZY!  Burning hair is not fashionable, let me tell you FROM EXPERIENCE!

I didn’t want S4 to be left at home (three other boys had work or practice) so I brought him with me and he was dubious of going to a “hair place” with his mama but they offered him cookies, got him a coke to drink and let him have his pick of a pencil to do his homework so they have won me over completely for forever.  Not that they hadn’t before but be awesome to my kids?  You all are stuck with me because I am now a lifelong customer!  And because their name sounds like Cabela’s, the boys are fine with me continuing to go there, even if they did make my hair short.

Hannah was sure I would be half bald.  Apparently I have a flair for the dramatic.  Who knew?

She was impressed with Alicia’s hair cutting skills (I keep telling you all, LIBRARIANS ROCK!).  Hannah did a quick job of cutting my hair an inch shorter and evened it all out and I have to say, this new shorter hair?  LOVING IT.

I wanted you all to know I am okay with fire too.

So much so that I am writing this post to you all while sitting in front of my new fireplace.

Here is me and my short hair and the fireplace.

Cutting Hair with SwordsDitch the scissors and get your hair cut with swords by the real-life Edward Scissorhands.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Newly learned fact: It’s impossible to get a good selfie taken in front of the fireplace.

But the fire feels delightful!!!!  And writing this post to you all is rather therapeutic to my apparently very vain nature.

And that is the story of how I caught my hair on fire, told completely for your enjoyment.


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7 Responses to How I Caught My Hair on Fire

  1. jan gilbert says:

    Loved this!!! Can’t wait to see you!!

  2. Amy Tilson says:

    Oh, my goodness that is awful, but how much do I love that you took this selfie in front of the fireplace. Of all places. After burning your hair!! It looks really cute, too. I’ve missed reading your words. This was a great reminder of how much I love your stories. Be safe!

    • life4boys says:

      Thanks so much! Truly. And I really thought the fireplace would be the perfect place to take the photo. :) And thank you, again!

  3. Julie austin says:

    Oh my goodness that is funny! What an adventure to live with four sons! Thank you for the wonderful compliments. Those and the priceless image of removed eyes gently laying on the lavender pillow have added three years to my life!

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