I am a bandaid mess.

I admit it’s my fault.  I’m owning it (my small group will appreciate that Andy Stanley mention).  I know it’s vanity that did it.  I know I have no one to blame but myself.

And cute shoes.

No!  It was not the shoes’ fault!

Well, it sort of was the shoes.

Okay, here is the entire embarrassing story.

I have cute shoes.

Not many cute shoes because I prefer to spend money on practical shoes that I can wear every day but I do love to see amazing shoes and notice amazing shoes and if I find some on clearance I have been known to buy them.

Like the camouflage flats I purchased for a mere few dollars from Target awhile back.

The shoes that are a wee bit small but they are so cute!  And they were so cheap!

On Monday I wore said shoes to work.

They went great with my top.  It was Teen Council and I knew some of the girls would love them.  And it was a Book Club day so I knew I wouldn’t be running around the library much.  Also, it was a short work day.

Except we were rather busy that day.  And I worked for five hours instead of three.  And about one hour into the day I knew I shouldn’t have worn those shoes and by the end of the day it was all I could do not to utter a little cry of pain with every step I took.

I arrived home, carefully pulled my feet out of my shoes and stared at my throbbing, red, angry looking toes.

My left pinky toe had a bit of skin hanging from it.

And not one single person had noticed my amazingly cute camouflage flats.  Not. One.


I chided myself for the hurt and went about the night and the next day wore my faithful flip flops to work.  I thought about bandaging my sore toe but that would look dorky.


Besides, I was already sporting a huge bandaid across my left wrist.  That was lovely.  But this past weekend we ate dinner outside and I had accidentally burnt myself on a hot cookie sheet.  I hadn’t wanted to wear a bandaid to work on Monday and it didn’t take long in the day before I realized my mistake because my burnt wrist kept rubbing against my work desk and at the end of the day it was red and angry looking.  Tuesday I wore a bandade.

And a lot of bracelets.


But Tuesday night my wrist was feeling much better and my toe was swollen to double it’s size and hurt my entire foot.  A touch to my toe had me whimpering and the pain shot literally up my calf.  It felt like my toe was on fire.

The only good thing about Tuesday night was that I somehow managed to dice open my right middle finger and I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding and had to wear yet ANOTHER bandaid which kept me from doing dishes because we all know you can’t wash dishes with a bandaged finger.

OH!  And I had a swollen finger from a hangnail.

I told you, I was a bandaid mess!

Wednesday, I met someone for the first time who I wanted to make a good impression with but I also learned my lesson and rocked all kinds of bandaids.

She didn’t even seem to notice.  Had she asked about my excessive amount of bandaids, I would have had to tell her this entire saga.

Talk about making a first impression!

I’m feeling much better now.

However, tomorrow I’ll have to buy more bandaids as I have seemed to deplete our bandaid stash and with four boys I always am needing bandaids!

Also, I’ll be looking for someone to gift my adorable camouflage flats too.

Anyone a size nine?


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