Coffee With Denise 2

“Mama, I really need new t-shirts.”

“I guess I better do laundry so I have a t-shirt to wear tomorrow.”

“I really need some new t-shirts.”

“I could really use a couple new t-shirts.”

“Guess I’ll have to wear this since I don’t have any more t-shirts.”

“Mama, when do you think we could get some new t-shirts?”

At which point I put my hands down on the counter a wee bit harder than necessary (in other words, it hurt) and spit out, “Well, I guess you could drive yourself to town, open up your wallet and buy yourself some t-shirts.”

Sheesh.  Teens these days!

His daddy and I have clothed him for SIXTEEN YEARS.  Didn’t he think we would continue to clothe him?  Good grief!  He could wait!  I asked him when we were school shopping if he needed anything else.  He said no.  Then school started and every. single. day. As in, every. single. morning. cup. of. coffee. time. in. the. morning. I got asked for new t-shirts and I wanted to scream.


It’s not as if we weren’t taking care of him.  I had given him money that week to go get his materials for a wood project for school.  Where was the thank you for that?  Things are tight and clothing isn’t exactly high on my list.  Also, I never really enjoy clothes shopping and prefer things to just appear on my doorstep in the form of hand me downs.

If mice could make all my clothes like in Cinderella, that would ROCK.

Teenaged S1 had no response to my outburst at him and went on his way to get ready for school and I continued to get ready for Bible Study.

If you see the irony here, be glad because I did not see it at the moment.

It was our first Praise and Coffee of the year and I was so very excited because GIRL TIME with COFFEE and the date had been circled for weeks on my very full calendar.

As I drank the last of my coffee the garbage truck pulled away and I hollered out for S3 to go get the trash can and bring it back to the house.  I watched as he went outside and it was as I was rinsing out my mug at the kitchen window I realized he had forgotten to bring the trash out.

I watched as he lifted the lid of the trash can in hopes that somehow the garbage truck had backed into our driveway and picked up the garbage can and emptied it.  He glanced up at the garbage truck two driveways down and I could see his brain figuring out what to do.  Chase it down?  He looked one more time to see if the trash really was in the can and then he slowly walked into the house.

I didn’t say a word, waiting to see how he would handle this.

“Uh, Mama, um, could I ride my bike to school this morning?” he asked and then was quickly off, not waiting around and not confessing.

The church I was meeting at for Praise and Coffee could have me driving by the farmhouse without going out of my way.  When I got home from walking the boys to school, I loaded up as much stinky nasty trash as I could reach, put it in the back of the suburban and headed for the farmhouse with the windows down because oh. my. stink.

As I was driving there, I thanked God – out loud – that I could bring the trash to the farmhouse on trash day to an empty trash can because the farmhouse isn’t sold yet and because we have two dumpsters that aren’t getting filled there with weekly garbage pick up service.

You know those moments in cartoons when a lightbulb goes off?  I sort of had a moment like that.

I was thanking God for a not yet sold farmhouse when every single day I begged him to sell said farmhouse.

A lot like how S1 kept asking for t-shirts.

Except I cried when I asked.

Did I trust God?

Doesn’t God love me more than I love my son?

Everything about the moment blew me away and I was, well, I can’t put into words what I was.

I am every so thankful God has much more patience with me then I have with my son.  My son whom I love.

But I pulled myself together, dropped off the very stinky trash, thanked God for the trash (who has ever thanked God for trash?) and the house and the moment and the lesson and the farmhouse and drove off to Bible Study where I arrived late due to all the “moments” of the morning.

And what was our topic on?  Joy.

And what was the question to answer?  “Describe the last time you thanked God for something out loud.”

I cannot make this up.

Can. Not.

I got all choked up.  I looked at my friend who has been my prayer warrior with me since I don’t even remember when.  And she knew the depth of the words when I said, “Today I thanked God – out loud – that the farmhouse hadn’t sold yet.”

I love when God shows up big in our lives to teach us things we will never forget.

Like trusting Him.  T-shirt trust I have been calling it.

Taken directly from our lesson that day.

Theme: Joy

Session Four: Joy in Salvation

Get things brewing: What is your favorite drink when you are thirsty?

Steep in God’s word: Isaiah 12:3,4 the Message “Joyfully you’ll pull up buckets of water from the wells of salvation.  And as you do it, you’ll say, “Give thanks to God.  Call out His name.  Ask him anything! Shout to the nations, tell them what he’s done, spread the news of his great reputation!”

Press it out:

-Share your salvation story: describe when you gave Jesus your heart.

-What quenches your thirst when you feel drained or worn out from a long and trying day?

-Describe the last time you thanked God for something out loud.

For more on staring your own Praise and Coffee, look HERE


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2 Responses to T-Shirt Trust

  1. Ron - Arkansas says:

    Okay Denise … as always, I enjoyed your post. I snickered over the T-Shirts, and I did see the irony you mentioned. I laughed out loud thinking of S-3 lifting the lid of the garbage container and how he must have felt as he debated in his mind whether or not he should race down the street with the garbage container and try to overtake the truck. As a former young teenager myself, I could so identify with him on his realizing he blew his assignment, and then getting outta Dodge and away from Mama as soon as possible, even if it meant he’d have to peddle his bike all the way to school that day. Good writing girl, you lifted my day, keep ’em coming.

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