Forever we have grown pumpkins at our farm.  It’s always my favorite thing we sold because it meant the end to the growing season and the because the only people who buy pumpkins are buying them for the fun of it.  I enjoyed spying from my kitchen side window as families would pose in front of their pumpkins before they loaded them in their vehicle and drove away.

Pumpkins from our farmhouse.

Pumpkins from our farmhouse.

While we have a garden spot marked out in our new yard, we didn’t grow a single thing this year except an abundance of grass and weeds.  It’s incredibly odd to not have a garden.

As fall has come upon us, S4 became very upset when it dawned on him that we had not grown pumpkins.

“How will we get pumpkins?” he wailed.

He had no idea how one would get a pumpkin if we didn’t grow them anymore.

Enter my father.

He retired this year and began a life of being busier than when he worked full time (I did not know that was possible but it is.  Oh let me tell you, it is.).  Dad grew a garden at his house for himself and mom and then he planted a garden over at his parents home.  He planted a few pumpkins, goards and squash.  Well, he says he planted a few.

A few turned out to be all of S1’s truck loaded up, my dad’s truck loaded up, my mom’s van loaded up, the sides of the field lined up and a few more out in the field.

S4, crying over no pumpkin, got a truck load of pumpkins.

Here is one of those things that you don’t know about farmers, well, at least us.

When we grew pumpkins, my husband would let the boys pick one pumpkin to carve.  I had to really work on him to be okay with the boys choosing the nicest pumpkins.  Jake worked hard to grow them and he wanted the nicest pumpkins to sell to make the money back on them, not sit on our own porch.

I would get a few little gourds to decorate with and a few of the dollar sale pumpkins to put around the porch but only a few because we needed to sell as many as we could.

And Sunday we got a TRUCK LOAD of pumpkins to do with whatever we wanted.

I love when God shows up BIG and dumps goodness on you.  My parents didn’t know how badly S4 wanted a pumpkin and there was no way Dad could have known that when he planted them.  Love it.

S4 chose three pumpkins of his very own.  He put them carefully in the truck to not be mixed up with the others. He has one carved and proudly displayed on the porch and he has the other two hidden away to carve later.

We have neighbors across the street from us here in town that have the cutest front yard.  They do a great job keeping a neat and clean lawn and with my dishwasher broken I appreciate always seeing their flowers from my kitchen window.

Last weekend our neighbors pulled up with some pumpkins and they placed them all around their house and they look so cute.

When we got our truck load of pumpkins, S3 got to scheming.  He declared Yard Wars and decided we were going to have the best pumpkin display and beat our neighbors.

It was great watching his creativity.  He lined up pumpkins in the back yard, arranged them in groups rearranged them all until they were staged just right and then began placing them in the front yard.

He and I worked at it for a good hour getting everything just the way he wanted them and then he stared out the window waiting for our neighbor to arrive home from work.



As soon as she arrived, S3 shot out the door and ran over to her yard.  “Who has the better pumpkins now?” he taunted.

S3 has rarely spoken to our neighbors and I cannot recall a time he has ever gone over to talk to them.  This is very out of character for him and I am quite certain it took her by surprise.

“WOW!” I saw her say, acting sufficiently surprised for S3’s sake.  They chatted, she fist bumped him and he ran back home.

“She likes the white pumpkins,” he told me proudly.  “I am going to bring her one.”

And then he was gone, searching for the largest white pumpkin we had left and he walked it over to her.

That’s my son.  Annoying you one moment and melting your heart completely the next.

Watching his creativity, his dedication and his kindness in all this was an amazing mom moment for me.

I have no idea what he has planned next.  I am afraid to ask.

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