After the Every Which But Loose experience, Jake was rather shocked when I mentioned Dallas.  To be exact, that I wished we had breakfast outside like they did in that 80’s show Dallas.

Let me explain.

When we moved into our brand new to us but really old house in town, we got cable television.  My husband reasoned it because to get cable, phone and internet (I just really wanted internet!) we wouldn’t have to pay an installation fee.  It did make monetary sense.

I only know that channel 28 is HGTV.  It’s the only station I know of all the stations.  When Downton Abbey season arrives, I’ll learn the PBS station (cable makes me feel like the people I make fun of who have to have their grandkids set them up on technology).

One evening while my husband is watching videos of semi’s and Red Green, I stumbled upon this amazing show called Fixer Upper.



This is a bad bad show for me because I like it a lot.  A whole lot.

Ever wanted to know what our house looked like when we bought it?  Fixer Upper has that episode.  Yes, the entire episode is available for free to watch.  Watch it.  I’ll wait. Seriously, you’ll love it.  The hosts are adorable.  The style is top notch.  I’ll wait, you go watch it.

Or if you don’t want to watch the entire 45 minute episode I will fast forward to this.

We have a trilevel ranch.  We have three and a half acres. We have a way too small master bedroom and no master bath.  It works for us.  We know when we go to resell (Jake says this place will be too big for us one day.  I seriously doubt it as I NEVER WANT TO MOVE AGAIN.) these will be issues.  No problem, this episode totally showed us how to fix that problem.

The porch on the house is the SAME PORCH POSTS I have.  I mean, I was taking notes on this episode!  Right down to the metal roof!

However, I had one big disagreement with the show.

There was a little money left in the budget and apparently no one says “Yes! Extra money! Let’s save it!”  Oh no, they have to spend it.  The couple had three options:

1. window above their bed

2. raised ceiling in the bedroom

3. outdoor eating area

Then they break for commercial.  I rolled my eyes, “No brainer.  Outdoor eating area.”

“What?  You’d waste your money on an outdoor eating area?  Go with the raised ceiling!”

Note: Jake was not totally hooked on this show too.  Did you catch that?

Me, who has painted this whole entire house except the boys bedrooms because they painted those on their own, “That’s just more to paint! And clean.  Sheesh. No, you totally want to go with the outdoor eating area.  And their in Texas.  They would be like Dallas.”



Oh, Jake thought he for sure had me then.

“Wait. You who were not allowed to watch anything at all your entire childhood but Little House and Disney were able to watch Dallas?”

“No.  I was never allowed to watch Dallas.  But my mom did.  And the one thing I remember seeing on that show is that they used to have breakfast outdoors.  It was so cool!”

Jake, horrified, “Your MOM watched Dallas?”

I nodded.  “And on Dallas they ate outdoors.  We eat outdoors all the time.  This couple should totally have an outdoor eating area.  It’s a brilliant idea.”

Jake, not yet recovered obviously because he said again, “Your mom watched Dallas?  I cannot believe that!”

Me, “I guess it was a good show.  I don’t know.  I was little bitty then.”

Jake shook his head.  “And you gave me grief over Every Which Way But Loose.”

“Now THAT was a bad movie!”

And then Fixer Upper was back on and they chose the higher ceilings I guess because they didn’t have to paint them but Jake says because it made the most sense.  Whatever.

This show is bad for me and apparently bad for Jake too because the next night we were outside and looking at the roof line and figuring out how we could add to our bedroom and put on another bathroom for a master bath.  What was eerie is that we both could see it so easily thanks to a show that remodeled a great replica of our home.

“And,” I added, “Our outdoor eating area could be right here.  It really would be just like Dallas.  Well, if we had a pool and there used to be a pool here so that sorta counts.  But I don’t want a pool.”

Jake rolled his eyes.  “We ain’t Dallas,” he informed me.

I’m guessing that’s a good thing by his tone of voice.  But, all that aside, they always had an amazing breakfast.  Outdoors. And I’ll now rest my case on that.  For now.

I would tell you when Fixer Upper is on tv but I refuse to keep watching it because I know I will totally be hooked on it.  In preparing for this post, however, I did like their instagram feed, her blog posts will now be sent to me and I liked them on facebook.  Pretty sure I’ll be a Fixer Upper fan in no time.

Related news (sorta): I completely do not remember ordering myself a subscription to HGTV magazine.  I know I really wanted to but I wasn’t sure if I should or not. But guess what arrived in my mail box today?  Perfect timing, HGTV magazine!


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  1. jason dykstra says:

    While I was eating breakfast outside this morning my wife Denise Dykstra came outside with my coffee and I called her Sue Ellen and she gave me a dirty look until she thought about this post

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