Mary Kay Monday today!

I am going to show you this terribly sweet photo…

Those of you who know us well know we are in the midst of football season.  This side of past half way.  And we’ll miss it like crazy when it’s all done.

It’s just the in between time that makes us so stinking tired.

On Sunday, Jake had a meeting at church.  S1 and S2 were at youth group and there is that whole thing about S1 being able to drive now.  S3 was busy building something in minecraft for his new minecraft kitten.  S4 was exhaustedly sleeping since five that night and still out.

I had a sore throat, aching head and weary body.

So, I made myself a brownie ice cream sundae, painted my nails two new Mary Kay nail colors and sat in the middle of my floor looking out over our back yard as it was transformed into night.

It healed my weariness.

And it quenched my serious sweet tooth.  But ice cream on a sore throat is really medicine.

My nails look great!

I don’t usually pain my finger nails.  Lately, however, I am making myself do it.  Because in the busyness it’s nice to do something that you cannot rush, something I cannot do at the same time as another thing.  I simply have to stop and just be in the moment of painting my nails.

I’m thankful Mary Kay gives me that opportunity.

What’s your favorite color of the new line?

Gallery Gray


Garden Terrace

Berry Stylish



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