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HI! I’m Christine and I’m a hard working momma! I have three kids under 7 and I work full time.   One day I woke up and looked in the mirror and I all I thought was WOW. I look tired. I am tired. But I don’t want to LOOK tired. So I contacted Denise and Said. “Hey, I’ve got bags under my eyes, I could carry around in a hand cart. Whatcha got for me?” And two days later. A magical product arrived on my door step.


CHECK OUT THIS PICTURE! Proof is in the pudding.

Can you see the eye with and the eye without the highlighter?

I don’t wear a lot of makeup. But when I do it’s Mary Kay. Here is what I used to achieve this.

First I used the Mary Kay Facial highlighting pen all over my eye, under around above. On the eyelid it will double as a primer and covers any nasty veins that peek through. Over that I used my favorite Eye Cream Color Called Beach Blonde. Go light on this…unless you like sparkle. In that case go crazy! For my Mascara use the Ultimate. It’s a MUST for me. In Black.   It does not Flake, crumble or fall on to your cheekbone half way through the day this stuff is the B.E.S.T.

Nell, Christine's daughter, is a future Mary Kay girl if ever there was one.  However, we both do not recommend dipping Mary Kay brushes in the toilet.

Nell, Christine’s daughter, is a future Mary Kay girl if ever there was one. However, we both do not recommend dipping Mary Kay brushes in the toilet.

For the rest of the face I have fallen in love with the Mineral Foundation. Mary Kay has a PERFECT brush to use alongside. IT feels SO amazing to wear. It Is weightless. So it’s often hard to imagine it can have the coverage of a liquid foundation but it does. It’s magic. Trust me. And it flows right over top the cover up from the highlighting pen giving you all over even tones in your makeup application.


Blush is a Must for me. And I just FELL in love with this new combo pack from early summer. It’s called Juicy Guava.


And I just love how it works with the coloring of my skin. It is perfection.

I wear lipstick every day I can’t live without it. And I LOVE bright! And Pink is my FAVORITE color so to show you that bright lip color doesn’t have to be scary I’m wearing Wild about PINK in the True Dimensions lip line. This is a glossy lip color. With a quick sweep over the lips you can have a light glossy look. With a deeper push you can have more luxurious color that stays, and stays!

If you haven’t tried MK yet, you need too. Looking amazing is sometimes all the confidence you need to have a great day! Mary Kay may even have a quote about that…..;)

From Denise – Christine wanted to try the highlighter pen and I asked her to write a review about it because I had not tried it.  I know, shocking.  For her review she will get a free nail polish or lip gloss, we have to decided what she most wants right now. :)  I’ll do the same thing for you if you write a review for me!

 Christine and I met on a snowy day (It was so memorable I had to blog about it) and tried on a bunch of products.  From that one coffee filled visit, we have a good basis to build on for her make up needs.  I can do that for you as well!  It’s so fun!  

Be sure to check out Christine’s super busy life in her very own business.  When she said she needed to get rid of the bags under her eyes, she wasn’t kidding.  (She knows I love her to pieces and can say that.) She is crazy busy and lacking sleep right now.  We both are shocked by the transformation this product has made for her – even if we shouldn’t be by now!  Mary Kay is that great!

There is a sale going on right now on my Mary Kay Website.  Check it out!  And be sure to ask me any questions you have about Mary Kay.

Thanks, Christine.  You rock! 

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  1. Tonya says:

    Love the blog post gals!!! Impressive!!! The girls and I love the pic of Nell with her make up brush too. Hehe

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