We survived our first garage sale.

It wasn’t just any garage sale, it was a garage sale ON MY BIRTHDAY and I did not have tiara to wear.

Let us take a moment to just think about how sad that is.

I may not have had a tiara but I did have a frantic “I am in way over my head and coffee is not touching this exhaustion” look all day but otherwise it went pretty well.

My first sale was three items that equalled 75 cents.  I was so thrilled I nearly sent a text to Jake but I was way too busy to send that or any text.  We were so busy that when S3 made us pancakes, we didn’t have time to eat them. We didn’t even ever put signs up and people were in our driveway just before 8am ready to buy.

I had priced nearly everything to go byebye.  As in good riddance.  As in if I looked at it I may change my mind so just take it all.  Take it all away so I can feel lighter and have some extra cash.

What I learned about having village wide garage sales going on is that your children will abandon you.  They will peddle their bikes all over town, find treasures they need and then do something drastic like attempt to sell their bike for the same price as the bike around the corner that looks way cooler than theirs.

I was left with such instructions as “Tell anyone who asks that the engine is a gobbly goo do rah and it runs great if you doodly do rah.”  Which translates to “I did not sell the engines due to not understanding a word they said”.

S4 set up his very first lemonade stand and he rocked it.  Not only did he rock it, he loved it.  He loved it so much he was sad when the two days of garage sales were over and he had to pack it away.  He did his best convincing to get us do have a garage sale on Sunday.  Or at least next week.  And the week after that.


What was an unexpected fun part of the village wide garage sale was seeing all sorts of friends and meeting new friends.  We walked around (it took a lot of convincing to make the boys stay put) to see the other garage sales and I was finally able to meet some of my new neighbors.  (Note: One neighbor did not know me at all and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, YOU!  You walk by here all the time.  You used to have beautiful long hair.  Then you cut it all of.”  What does one say to that?)

Note on village garage sales:  Wouldn’t it be great if in theory we were ready for a garage sale on Thursday and then on Thursday night we could all walk around and see each other’s garage sales and then we could send potential buyers in the right directions – and get first dibs on the goodies.  And in my case, get ideas on how to display a garage sale.

In the end, my husband was thrilled when our cash intake was $210.  I found that to be an oddly even number but I wasn’t going to disagree with him!  Considering most items were 25, 50 and 75 cents, I feel this was a huge success!

The other awesome thing about the garage sale is that it came about the day before our week long staycation vacation and we had some extra money – cha-ching!

However, after spending some time cleaning his polebarn, my husband lamented the things he did not sell.  He has now created a space of next years garage sale items.  I haven’t yet recovered from this garage sale experience so I am not ready to even consider next garage sale.  I think I am going to be outnumbered.  They caught that selling bug big time.

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