Welcome to Mary Kay Monday!

I am not sure how often I’ll be posting a Mary Kay Monday, but I am going to try to keep it a regular post throughout the rest of the year and see how it goes.

Mary Kay Monday posts will focus on some aspect of my OTHER job, Mary Kay!

I began my Mary Kay career in 2013.  Gasp, how can that be!  I started slow (I was scared!) and then I gained some momentum.  Then I worked up to being Queen of Sales and having the amazing experience of a $1,000 dollar week.

The great thing about Mary Kay is that when I set aside (as I have done during the course of deciding to move and then moving and settling in), Mary Kay waits for me.  And while it waits, it still pays for me to use my Mary Kay every day products!

I love the girl time the most about Mary Kay.  Living in the pink bubble is a real thing.

Another thing I love about Mary Kay are all the products.  I never have to stand in a store and wonder what product I need to buy and hope it does what a commercial (those are never wrong, right?) says it will.

Right now Mary Kay is doing a 21 day challenge called #GlowAndTell.  Mary Kay is challenging women (and men!) to try Mary Kay skin care for 21 days and see if it makes a difference.

I have my most favorite skin care line from Mary Kay.  Botanicals work great on my very sensitive skin.  I have been using it faithfully since beginning my Mary Kay career.

However, if I am going to ask my customers to try something new I may as well try something new too.

Botanicals has no age defying magic.  It simply cleans your face.  That with my skinvigorate brush are an amazing combination.

But, this week I started using the Timewise face wash.  Two days in – TWO DAYS – and my skin is feeling tighter.

I thought I was making it up.  I thought maybe I had a bit of a sunburn (you know how you feel all tight when you had too much sun?).  Nope.  My skin is tighter after TWO days!

And here is where I tell a not so professional thing.

I am only using the face wash.

I am not a lotion on my face kinda gal unless it’s winter.  This week it’s been muggy and hot (Super Suburban said 92 degrees today!) and all I have been doing is using the Timewise wash with my skinvigorate brush.  No lotion.  No day or night solution.  Just the wash.

Pretty impressive.

But I am telling my customers to do the entire set – all four products – for 21 days and so I have to do that myself as well.  21 days of all four steps.  If just the wash is making this difference, what will the whole set do?

As stated before I do have very sensitive skin and the last time I tried Timewise it didn’t go well but it’s a Glow and Tell challenge and I am going to give it a try.

Who wants to join me?

Take a selfie of yourself when you receive your skin care.  In 21 days take another selfie to see if you notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels.  See if you notice a difference with the award winning Mary Kay products.

What do you have to loose?  If you don’t like the products, Mary Kay buys them back from you.  You seriously have nothing to loose.

Except the chance to have amazing skin!

Check out the line of products and let me know if you want to join the Glow and Tell challenge with me!


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