Last week, seven days ago, I was able to drive down to Kalamazoo (yes, there really is a Kalamazoo!) through blinding rain (they received 3.8 inches of rain.) to attend my first Mary Kay Meeting in the longest of times.  It was a total Mary Kay Monday.

I haven’t been in so very long and my favorite people were there.  I know it sounds big headed but please know it’s not, but it is simply wonderful to walk into a room and have people truly excited to see you and truly happy to have you in their circle and it’s a wonderful feeling to feel the same way about them.

It was a wonderful night.

It was made all the more wonderful because Kristy brought guacamole dip and oh my my my my, how I love that dip!

Director Angela (aka Ang or Angie, in case I forget and type her name as such) brought in all the new products that are now finally available.

The new Cityscape perfume is what I was most excited to see and as a person with a sensitive smeller, even I had to admit this smelled wonderful.  The longer I wore it, the more I liked it.  I liked it so much that I wouldn’t even take a shower last night to keep the scent with me.  I may have also been annoying and kept asking Jake to smell my arm one more time and then ask, “And doesn’t it smell so good?”

The product I had figured I wouldn’t like and could take it or leave it was the dry oil.

I stand corrected.

This Cityscape dry oil is AMAZING.

I am not a big lotion person.  I use it only when my skin is really dry.  I don’t know why, it’s just my hang up.  I do like the way my skin looks with lotion but I don’t always like the way it feels.

This Cityscape scented oil is dry.  I have no idea how oil can be dry and work, it just does.  It sprays on, I am moisturized and there is no oily residue left.  Like none.  As in, even on my fingers I couldn’t feel it but my skin felt amazing.

It’s like miracle lotion in a spray.

This is a limited edition product.

There is also a Cityscape shower gel.  If you purchase the Cityscape perfume, dry oil and shower gel or the Cityscape men’s cologne or shower gel you receive a really cool tote bag.  The bag is an elegant neutral color and the inside is lined in purple.  It is VERY classy (and durable) looking.  I’d suggest this for Christmas gifts, as much as I don’t even want to think Christmas yet. 

I don’t have an image for the tote, I did see it Monday and it is in The Look Book that should be arriving to your mailbox if you have given me your address.  Click the link to see the online Look Book.

For the rest of August and all of September, anyone who sets up a time for me to come meet them and at least three of their friends to try our skin care line, I’ll give you this dry oil. I’m replacing this gift with any other offers.

And, if your friends love the product as much as I think they will and they say “Hey, I’ll have three friends over to try some great skin care products”, I’ll give you one of the new nail polishes.  As many of your friends have get togethers with me is as many nail polishes you can receive.  Three friends having me over means three nail polishes for you.  And that would be handy since there are three new nail colors!


All this new product!!!  I get so excited over new product.  It’s like all the girlyness in me just gushes over them and I can’t wait to see other woman and tell them all about it because NO ONE in my house gets excited over this.

Also, funny story on the 21 day #GlowAndTell challenge.  I am still using the Timewise set!  My skin is still feeling firmer.  I finally took a selfie with no make up that you notice I have not posted here.  I had to take one though to see if there was a marked difference in my skin.  ANYHOW, I have challenged my boys.


I told them that if they did the 21 day challenge with me I would let them get whatever ice cream treat they wanted from the store.  Their very own ice cream box that they do not have to share with anyone.  S1 said he would need at least vanilla ice cream to eat to keep him motivated so I have that taken care of as well now.  I have S1 and S2 on the Clearproof set.  They will not allow before and after photos.  I have S3 and S4 on the “just wash your faces every morning and night and where deodorant every day” challenge.  S4 asked me if this meant then he didn’t have to shower for 21 days since he would be washing his face and wearing deodorant.  Oh, the work we will have to do to when he gets back to school!


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