On August 15th at 7pm in downtown Allegan, our family gathered at the park to listen to Johnny Cash.

The man dressed in black stood up with a mic and said, “Hello, everyone, I’m Johnny Cash”.

S3, who is helping me write this post, said, “Now you have to say it wasn’t really Johnny Cash.”

Jake and I stumbled upon a live concert in Allegan a few weeks ago.  We were out for a date and I asked if we could find the old Allegan bridge.  We found it, and a free concert.  As my husband says, “You can’t beat free!”

We met a lady who asked if we were tourists.  We were at the time taking selfies on the bridge.  “No, we just live up the road” we assured her.

She then began telling us all about the bridge and the concert going on right then and urged us to come back to hear the Johnny Cash tribute concert in a few weeks.


“Have you lived here your whole life?” my husband asked the older lady who was flying around with with energy to spare.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed, “We’ve only lived here since 1978.  That year was terrible with snow.  We just live down the way a bit.  I had to ride my bike home to get a book.  My husband beat me in cards and now I don’t want to play with him so I rode home to get a book.  I can listen to this music and read at the same time.”

I suddenly saw my husband and I years down the road in the future.

She scurried us over to her husband and asked for the schedule back that she had already given away to someone so we could see it.  In two weeks there was a Johnny Cash tribute concert and I suddenly feared how hurt she would be if we didn’t show up.

The concerts in downtown Allegan on the river are FREE.  You bring your own chair and find a spot to sit and there you enjoy your free concert.  The night we came wandering through it was a swing concert.  The place is surprisingly full of people, most of them seasoned citizens (as my husband calls them).

The day of the Johnny Cash tribute concert it was hot.  Super Suburban read 92 degrees.  The ice cream store around the corner was banking on good business for this concert.  We didn’t think too many of the older crowd would be there.  We were wrong!  Some were even dressed all in black and wearing cowboy boots!

The man singing told stories of Johnny Cash’s life.  S3’s favorite part were the stories that the man told.  Huntington bank was there giving away sunglasses, ink pens and grocery sacks – you better believe the boys loaded up on the free swag!

S1, who has been learning to play the guitar this summer and is most interested in old country music, had been the most excited for the concert.  But he left us to go to a tractor show in Buckley.  The five of us still had a great time.  We had enough shade and a nice breeze to keep us cool and we heard some songs we had never heard before.  Did you know that Shel Silverstein wrote “Boy Named Sue”?

Anyhow, when the concert was done and we were packed up and ready to head out, we stopped at Wendy’s for some frostys and drove home in the sunset thinking about what a great time that was.

I wasn’t sure what the boys would think of the outdoor concert but they are hooked.  Next week is the last concert for the Allegan park and they have asked us continually if we can go.  So, we’ll be there!  7pm to hear the William’s Family.

Maybe I will even think ahead and get a few photos!

For more information, click the link below to Allegan’s website.


And from the City of Allegan contact person himself:

Saturday is the last concert at the gazebo this year, and a special Chicken Dinner BBQ.  It is between 5:00P – 7:00P at the gazebo.  The concert is at 7:00P.  The dinner is ∏ Chicken $9.00 and π Chicken $8.00, with all the fixings.  


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    I hear that train a comin’

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