We had a week of staycation which means that I made everyone take the week off because I am mean like that.  I had looked at the calendar and realized THIS WAS THE ONLY WEEK we had to take off and before it could get filled I made everyone take it off.  I then made a huge list of things for us to accomplish.

We accomplished one.

Go to Boyne City.

What an adventures that Boyne City trip turned out to be!

We were headed to Boyne City because S1 bought a truck.  Said truck needed a new transmission.  There is a guy named Joe who fixes transmissions in about an hour who for $350.  He just happens to live in Boyne City which just happens to be nearly four hours away.

I loaded up on books I wanted to read, books on cd, my planner to write in because I was a week behind, a notebook to take notes, chocolate and iced tea.  I was all set to sit in the back seat with the boys and enjoy my mini vacation while S1 drove and Hubby gave directions.

Except my husband felt he needed the mini vacation and all that stuff I packed?  I only got to get out the iced tea, the chocolate (I needed more than I packed) and one book on cd.

The pain.

I had my husband pray as we left and as we pulled out of the driveway, he began to knock the Super Suburban who is showing her age.  “Don’t talk about her like that!” I thought.  “Don’t jinx us, Dad!” S1 exclaimed in disbelief.

About 45 minutes into the trip, the Super Suburban sounded a little angry.  Not a lot, but a little.  I tried to mentally talk her into being okay.

But two more hours in there was no denying she was not doing well.  I prefer to say she had a little growl.  But it was truly more like her snarling and barking and yelling at everyone.  It was an exhaust/mainfold/something or another. And while I hate to admit it, Super Suburban was embarrassing me.

We growled into Joe’s transmission for our noon appointment three minutes early.  I feel this is impressive because A) S1 drove and he doesn’t like to speed, so much so that at one point Husband jumped in and began driving after a pit stop. B) Hubby and S2 always and forever have to pee.  C) Never go on a car ride with my husband, he feels sides of roads are perfect peeing spots.  I tend to disagree.  Disagree STRONGLY.


Joe has the nicest dogs and we immediately were overcome in missing Liberty.  At that moment, it was eerie how well timed it was, we were text two photos of Liberty SMILING by our pet sitters. We have the awesomest pet sitters.

Joe made short work of taking the transmission apart and telling us what he would do to it.  Then he was nice enough to suggest a muffler shop for us.

All noticed our arrival at Boyne City Tire and Brake.  A certain man named Raymond asked if I really wanted Super Suburban fixed, as loud as she was I wouldn’t have to hear the boys the whole entire trip home.  Just the same, we went through with the fixing.  He had a guy driving Super Suburban to the lift before we walked away.


Yes, walked.  Because what else where we to do?


Down the road was BC Pizza.  As that was the closest place to walk to, we hiked down the road to eat.  My husband, holding the hand of S4, ran across the road and left me with the three other boys.  He apparently was starving.  And he was sure he could miss the semi barreling their way.   Sometimes my husband does BAD things to my heart.  Oh, my heart!  We all made into BC Pizza to find that they had bathrooms (SWEET RELEIF!) and they also had ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET.

The boys faces at ALL YOU CAN EAT.

I opened up our bag of garage sale money and we ate up. Like, BC Pizza may one day read this and remember us because we were starving.


When no one could eat a bite more we used the bathroom one more time (really, does any person enjoy peeing in weeds?) and walked back to get our Super Suburban.  She was still on the hoist but ready to go and when we heard the grand total of $139, I opened up that garage sale money bag and paid in cash.

I may have also thanked God because suburban repairs were not on my budget plan for that day.  Like in no way at all.

Super Suburban purred like a kitten when we started her up.  She was as good as gold for the rest of the day.  I love that Super Suburban!

We picked up our rebuilt transmission (that Joe is super fast on these transmissions!  He really knows how they work!) and pulled away from the driveway thinking “What now?”  It seemed a waste to drive that far just to turn around and not do anything fun.


We went to some little side road beach.  Husband used his mad GPS skills and found out there was a ferry down the road that would take us across the water for $3.25 and I still had some garage sale money so SCORE!  Going across a ferry is WILD and I giggled a ton.  It was so cool!


We drove to Traverse City and bought cherries at a roadside market.  We took the boys to Old Mission Point Lighthouse.  I was overcome that three years had passed since Jake and my 15th anniversary get away – what a wonderful time that was and we haven’t gotten away once since then!  We stopped at Peninsula Grill and while they did not have the cheesecake I have longed for since first trying it three years ago (how has it been three years!) they did send me on my way with Peanut Butter Pie and coffee with real cream.


We turned and headed home, got stuck in a traffic jam for nearly an hour, found an area that had signs posted to watch out for bears, went to Taco Bell for the FIRST TIME and finally arrived home over 14 hours after leaving home.  We fell into the house to love on Liberty and then immediately dispersed to various parts of the house so as to not to have to see each other again because apparently we do not love each other enough to spend more than 14 hours together in close proximity.

For a day that started out with so many wrong things, it was fun to see the way God orchestrated the day to make it one of our most fun days and by far the best day of our staycation.  Or our adventurous “vacation” to Boyne City, either way you want to look at it.

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3 Responses to Boyne City Adventures

  1. Ron M. says:

    Okay okay I agree you had an awesome experience on your staycation. But hey what really blew me away was two things. One that with all the teenage boys with you, in all probability you emptied the BC Pizza place of anything edible whatsoever and they didn’t even ask you to leave. Way to go … but just as impressive is the fact that Jake found a ferry ride for only $3.25. I mean that’s like prices from 20 years ago – I am impressed! – Glad you all had a great time. family times like these will be talked about way into the future … you’ll see.

    • life4boys says:

      The joy my husband had in telling me, “At the end of this road is a ferry and it’s ONLY THREE TWENTY FIVE!” He was giddy.

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