“You all brothers and sisters?” the lady behind the paint counter asked him.

“Um, they aren’t all my brothers,” he stumbled.  Not knowing how to answer that the paint lady thought his mother was his SISTER.

And this is why I will forever purchase all my paint at Home Depot.

Here is how that all happened.

In purchasing a new home we had to make a whole lot of decisions.  And by we I mean me.  Jake still laments that fact that I made him get rid of the nasty garfield orange carpet and olive green curtains in the farmhouse all those years ago.  Our new house has a lot of wallpaper.  And carpet.  But mostly wallpaper.

I have been dreaming of all the colors to paint the house and because I cannot pick paint colors for anything my brain was pretty much going in circles of craziness.

And that’s how An showed up at my house with her three boys and we made an executive decision to go to Home Depot and buy paint.

Apparently the first Monday of spring break is the day everyone and their brother (or sister) decides to take on a paint job.  We had seven boys between the two of us and that was seven people who did NOT want to be in the paint section.  Or any section.

I grabbed a bag of my favorite coffee because it was as close to the color I wanted and I hadn’t found any color close to it yet once I brought it home.

I know you are all in shock I would choose colors according to my favorite coffee.

(It turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.)

waterstreet paint

We stood there holding up paint sample cards and standing back and looking again and grabbing another while our boys tried to use the cart as a jungle gym and began getting the kind of silly that there is no coming back from.

An and I finally found what we thought were the best colors so we asked for sample containers and loaded the cart with paint rollers, paint trays, primer…

S1, trying to distance himself from all the boys and his talking nonsense mother and her friend, stood at the counter waiting for our paint.

“Are you all brothers and sisters?” the woman mixing the paint asked.

“Um. they aren’t all my brothers,” he replied, confused.

Until we were headed back to the suburban.  “Wait,” he suddenly burst out, “she thought you were my SISTER!”

The. Look. On. His. Face.

Home Depot, you are my favorite.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    YES! That is great. =)

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