My dear friend dared to do the seemingly unthinkable.

She opened a coffee shop.

She had a million excuses not to.  She had to be trained in everything except in her love and total addiction to coffee.

She dared.  She believed.  She thought she would go insane.

Her family was awesome, even when they all thought they were in way over their heads. And maybe on a crazy train stuck in a tornado.

I am insanely proud of her.  I have watched her grow and change and take on the challenge and bend to what is right instead of crying over what she wished she had right now.

She dared to follow her dream.  She did what so few dare to do.

Dearest Sue, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thank you for being so inspiring to so many and working so hard to create a place for people to come meet over the very best coffee.



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One Response to Daring

  1. Jennifer Hill says:

    Can’t wait to check it out. ☺️

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