After my last post about How to NOT Sell Your House, my husband got a great deal of teasing (I totally think it was needed) and we ended up making this compromise…


Yah, the sign has brought on all kinds of conversation.

But it’s memorable!

The boys are all like, “Why would you say that on the sign?  Why would you say “we’re good”?   So basically this proves they are not as crazy as their father, thank goodness.

But all of that to tell you that we have moved on.

As in, we are packing up our stuff and moving on…into town.

Waiting for you to reread all that.

Yes, we are leaving the farm and headed to town.  None of us have ever lived in town so this ought to be an all kinds of new experience.


New House! And yes, that’s a chicken that S3 is holding. Town may not be ready for us.


We are in that crazy transition where our house hasn’t sold yet and we have a new house we are trying to make a home and it’s so much fun except when you forget that the farm has five gallons of milk already and it’s the new house that is out of milk and the new house has all the stuff for sandwiches and the farm house doesn’t.  But the farm house does have milk.  And eggs.  So that’s something.

All new adventures await us all and I cannot wait to share it all with you!  We have just been the slightest wee bit busy and I hadn’t gotten around to sharing with you our April 2nd announcement.  But the boys especially are all “Did you write about this yet?  You have to have a book of all our stories now!”  I love that they think I can type in my sleep.

But typing in my sleep would be AWESOME for me.  As long as I could still sleep.

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2 Responses to Moving On

  1. Kela Nellums says:

    I’m LOVING your moving stories!! Yeah….not sure that town is ready for y’all! ;)
    That sign is an epic success!!!! hahaha!!

    …so….you have MORE to share with us??

  2. Jennifer Hill says:

    I absolutely love that sign! Made me laugh. I can’t wait to hear stories from living in town. I can see pros and cons but whenever I’ve suggested living in town to Mark he only sees cons and is certain to list them for me. Men.

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