I like Taylor Swift music.

Ohmygoodnessgracious it feels good to confess that.

The song You Belong With Me?  From way back in 2009?  People still tell me that song makes them think of me.  I take it as the compliment that I know it must be.

I don’t own the album 1989.  But I am really really really good at scanning stations to find any new Taylor Swift song on the radio.  And if Shake It Off comes on, it gets cranked.

I was secretly hoping the boys would get it for me for Christmas.  I have given numerous hints this would be the most perfect gift for their mama.  I mean, other than the cranking of the suburban radio I have given other hints.

When the team wasn’t doing well in a game and loosing their confidence?  I would lean over to whoever was sitting near me and whisper, “This would be a good time to play Shake it Off.”

We have a day that is not so aokay?  I play Shake It Off.

But I may have crossed the line.  I may have totally embarrassed my boys over Christmas with my love of this catchy song.

We were headed to the live nativity at our church where Jake was about to stun the audiences with his stellar performance of a blind man suddenly able to see and I was searching the radio for not lame Christmas music.  It’s amazingly hard to find not lame Christmas music when you need some and in my radio scan search I happened to hear the beginning notes of Shake It Off.  I usually don’t catch it until the “this sic beat” part so I was thrilled to catch the song from the very beginning.

I cranked it.

Because we had one of the boys friends with us (who doesn’t normally ride around with us and had no clue I happened to sorta totally really like Taylor Swift music), I didn’t want to embarrass my boys with my singing ability.  I can’t sing.  At all. And I knew I would want to sing along, I mean, I HAD to sing.  So I cranked it extra loud, so as not to embarrass the boys.

S1, sitting shotgun, kept trying to turn it down.  I just turned it back up.  I had caught this song from the first note, he was not messing with my good luck.

And I jammed.  I did head bops.  Oh, I was so happy to hear Shake It Off!  It had been almost two weeks since the last time I had heard it, Christmas music getting in the way of good music like this.

When the song was done, I turned the radio down to non ear drum wrecking volume as mothers should do and continued to scan for Christmas music.

The boys’ friend never said a word.

The friend spent the night and spent the entire next day with us before we dropped him back off at his house.

And the very first thing he said when he walked in the door was not a word about the pancakes I made him or the fun he had or Jake’s stellar performance.  Oh no.  The first thing he told his mom is “Mrs. Dykstra really likes this one song…..”

In fear this may have left a mark on this dear boy, I had sent this message ahead of his arrival home to his mother who is a good friend of mine.

He may not have liked riding with me this time. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift came on and I haven’t heard it in a week or so so I may have cranked it loud.

And she is the one who told me it had indeed left an impression on him.  I am certain it was the good music and not me.  I mean, the song IS that catchy awesome.

So catchy that even police officers cannot stop themselves from jamming to the sic beat.

When this police video came across my facebook feed I just died laughing because I have been there in the pick up parking lot trying not to be totally jamming out and yet totally just holding it together like the police officer is.  This video is hilarious to me.  So very hilarious.

My husband likes this version of the song and thinks I should claim it as my own.

It’s worth mentioning.  But the original is always best.

Yet, as moms, we totally get this song version.

And there you have it.  Giggles for your Saturday.  That’s what I am here for.

As well as confessions.  You got my great confession of my great like of Taylor Swift.  And for any haters out there, let’s not forget to mention her very sweet Christmas video where she sent random fans personalized Christmas gifts.  I don’t know much about her personal life but that video sure struck a heart cord.

Now, go about your day with good catchy music stuck in your head.  My work here is done.

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3 Responses to Shake It Off

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’ve never understood the haters. Poor Taylor has just grown up before our eyes. Her giddy, girly immature and idealistic stage has been public. Thankfully very few people remember me at that stage in life or I’d be gettin hated on too. #getsomegracepeople

    A Sister Taylor Fan (unashamed)

  2. Jennifer Hill says:

    We have friends who got to attend one her “secret meet up” things. The mom (my age), her daughter 18 and her son 15 all have pictures with her by themselves. Dayton’s picture is of him giving Taylor a piggy back ride. Is that not crazy?!?! She does love her fans I’ll give her that. :)

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