My husband called the other day and asked me how things were going.  He always asks me this.

I always answer “fine”.

He asked what the boys were doing.

“Oh, well, S4 is holding up a tree branch so that S2 can have enough height to climb the tree and…”


“You know, the branch is too weak so he is just holding up the branch so it doesn’t bend too much.”

“What’s the next branch look like?”

“Um, it looks pretty strong from here.  And S3 found his rodeo rope so he is trying to rope a chicken.”

“Did he catch one?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why don’t you have them all do something more safe?”

“Well, they were practicing baseball but S3 threw the ball and S2 missed it.  It hit his chest.  So they thought S3 was being mean and they won’t let him play baseball now.  Oh, wait.  Wait….”

“What?!?!”  Panic from my husband.

“He did it!  He just roped a chicken!”

“He did?  Now what is he going to do?”

“I don’t know, I think he is too shocked that he caught one!  Wait…he let it go.  It is running away as fast as it can go.”

“I bet,” he laughs.

I pour coffee.  “And our oldest is target practicing.  He worked on his tractor and got it running and then his brothers were annoying him so he is out alone target practicing.”

“That’s good…hey, what’s for dinner?”  (He asks me this more than once a day.)

“Um…oh, no he didn’t!  Hold on….”  He can hear me open the kitchen window up and then hear me shouting, “No, no we are not doing that.  We have a new rule.  NO TYING BROTHERS TO TREES.”  Then he hears the window shut and I say, “I’m back.”

Husband, fully laughing now, “Why did you start blogging again?”

Me, giggling, “Yah, I guess that’s a lot going on, huh?’

Then the kitchen door opens for them to plead their case in that tying a brother to a tree would be great fun and the kitten escapes so I have to let him go.

This, people, is our life.  Like, every home day we have.  And it’s why I blog.

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One Response to Why I Blog

  1. Harmony says:

    This made me smile.

    On the heels of me asking myself why I put myself out there it was needed. My oldest son’s 2 friends are going onto my Instagram account and making fun of him for what I post for my #100happydays project.

    I do it for me and I hate that he has to worry about it. I blocked them from my account and he is happy about that.

    All that to say, yes, this is why I share and capture memories.

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