How does one survive these last weeks of school?

Here in Michigan it is even worse because we were hit with the never ending winter and so all the kids who thought they were getting out of school at their normal circled, highlighted, arrow pointing to it date they had at the beginning of the school year are finding out they have to go a week or more longer.

A mom I see every day as I am walking out of school gives me a daily countdown so I know just how much longer I have to go.

Because the end of the school year is harder on the mom than the child.

Talking from experience….

I have one who is giving me notes.  But not really giving me notes, he is just laying on them on the computer and thinking I will see them but I CAN’T EVEN SEE THE COMPUTER.  They say a messy desk is a sign of brilliance…people, I am off the charts brilliant.

And there a zillion and one papers that come home in May because EVERY class has a last minute fun something or another they are doing.  Every class.  May kills me…and our budget.  And I love these teachers.  Love them to pieces.  I know that they had to cancel all their great plans all never ending winter long so we get to make up for everything in May.

I have one who has a suspicious injury  For the love, child, you are going to school!!!  One day his foot mysteriously began to ache and hurt in such a way that he could not seem to walk.  When I said he was fine and told him he would survive, his knee suddenly gave out and he could not walk at all and began dragging his entire leg behind him as his tears fell in torrents from his eyes as we walked down the school hallway.

Being the kind mama that I am, I informed him that it was a good thing he was going to school because all he had to do is sit all day.

The craziest “sickness” he has come up with for not going to school has been this…he only feels well if he is outside.  Indoors his head begins to ache and hurt and he feels dizzy and sleepy.  And even odder, he feels the very best when he is in the sand box.  Do I know what may be wrong with him and do I think I should keep him home from school until he feels better?

I cannot make these things up.

We are late every single day.  I set all the clocks way ahead in the house.  No clock tells the correct time.  It drives my husband insane.  The boys all know that the clocks are a little fast but they don’t know how fast or which one is the fastest and I can’t remember anymore so we just have to go with whatever one says we are the latest.  This has been getting us to school on time.  Sorta.

And it’s always some crazy reason we are late.  It’s that the kittens decide to make  mad dash for the tantalizing outdoors and think us chasing them down is the greatest fun game ever.

It’s the morning that one of the boys gets ready super duper early so he can go outside to play and when we call him to leave for school he comes running from the swamp, soaked, and doesn’t have his back pack or lunch or anything.

And homework.  Good grief, the homework.  I have this conversation a zillion times now.

“Do you have homework?”

“Nope.”  Heads out the door to play.

“What’s this?”

“Just some work I didn’t get done at school today.  I’ll do it later.”

“This is called HOMEWORK.  Do it NOW.”

Sobs.  Wailing.  Tears.  Snuffles.  More sobs.  Five minutes later it is written in unreadable ink.  Ink because that can’t be erased.

One of my boys went so far as to tell me that he has no spelling words any more.  Then I got a note home saying he was failing spelling.  The teacher and I did not dig far in his desk to find three spelling word lists.

And teachers, they must be as tired as we are because they keep having the kids watch movies.  “What did you do in gym today?”  “Oh, we just watched a movie.”

This just adds to the insanity of the entire evening.  The only positive is that they never ask to watch tv anymore, they are way too interested in finally getting outside.

The boys have gone so far as to actually plead to stay home so they can DO CHORES.

As if.

So how do you survive the last weeks of school?

Not prettily, girls, not prettily at all.

You survive just knowing we are all going through it together.

Hang in there.

And stock up on coffee.

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