Have you ever met someone who you feel is just totally and completely talented and you feel like you are just all thumbs?

Well, that creative person would be Christine.  And I would be the one all thumbs.


Christine makes soap.  She makes soap, rugs, quilts, scarves (like the adorable one in her photo) and heaven knows what else.  Currently we are all collecting plastic grocery bags for her because she is just going to “whip up” a rug.  Of plastic bags.  A. Rug.

I can’t even figure out how to fold a grocery bag so it looks nice.

Christine started coming to the library I work at for toddler time because she happens to be happily married with three kids. (And because our library Toddler Time is that awesome, I just have to brag on it.)  I overheard her talking about soap and mentioned my sister may be interested in that and she said casually, “Oh, I know a few books she may want to look at” and never mentioned she happens to have a BUSINESS of soap.

Weber Family.jpg

Somehow I stumbled upon her facebook page and wondered if she worked there and then realized it was JUST HER – remember, three kids and the oldest is in preschool.  I totally stalked her page, and I am only now admitting this to her.  I couldn’t really figure out a way to be like “I can’t believe you are so crazy talented can I please buy soap” without sounding like, well, a facebook stalker.

Then at Christmas she just up and gives Alicia and I each three soaps.  She has no idea to this day how absolutely thrilled I was (we both were!) over this gift.

One of the soaps, a citrus kitchen soap, is so awesome that when the hand pump soap we have always used ran out I didn’t replace it and no one has even cared.  It’s that amazing.

A friend had mentioned she used to buy coffee soap so I asked Christine if she made such a thing.  “Hmmm, I’ll have to try that.”  So she loaded up her littles and headed home where SHE INVENTED A RECIPE FOR COFFEE SOAP.


Crazy talented.

The soap is totally made from scratch and she gave me a hunk of it to try.  I say ‘hunk’ because she hadn’t even molded it to her pretty bars yet.  I was afraid to use it in case the boys used it all up but I finally got it out (not letting them use it meant I wasn’t using it either) and oh my my.

My husband says the soap is slimy.

Apparently, that is a GOOD thing.  It means that the soap is conditioning your hands.

I love the grit of coffee grounds in the soap.  But I also am known for having this weird love affair of all things coffee.

For my mom’s birthday I purchased Christine’s new line of soap.  My mom says, “I wish I could fill my entire tub of just that soap and soak it in it.”

I am guessing that means she likes it.


Christine has a new intern helping her and is working on keeping her blog updated with all her amazing craftiness.  She actually has a degree in this creativeness that she uses.  Telling you, crazy talented.

So when I asked her if I could buy some soap so I could have a give away on my blog, she refused to let me buy any at all.  Instead, she gave me soap to giveaway.  And then she gave me three bars for myself.  I may have squealed in joy.

So, here is the most awesome giveaway that you all want to be a part of…


You will receive two of Christine’s soaps – and one of those is her coffee soap.  Because, well, it’s more than perfect with this blog theme, you must agree.

And because your hands will be feeling all wonderful I thought your lips should be happy too so I am going to add some Cafe au Lait lip gloss from my Mary Kay line.

So how does one win this amazing prize?

Like Christine’s facebook Business page Hilltop Designs

Like Life With Four Boys Coffee Please (seriously, if you haven’t yet that’s just sad)

A share gets you an extra entry – every. single. time.

A tweet gets you an entry.  Every single tweet is one extra entry!

Don’t have facebook?  Then please Pin this post!

Comment here for another entry.

With all your likes and pins and tweets and comments, we will keep this giveaway open until March 20th.  Because March 20th is the first day of spring and I feel that day should be celebrated with gifts. Because spring is that much of a gift.

Your chances to win are pretty much pretty great if you keep sharing, facebooking and tweeting.  We like to make it easy on you.  And give you lots of options. Christine and I are sweet like that.

Good luck!

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7 Responses to Hilltop Designs Giveaway

  1. Chris Schutt says:

    The Weber’s move was Michigan’s gain and Illinois’ loss. They are missed here!

  2. Jennifer says:

    First, I love your blog Denise! I always anxiously await an update from your blog!! Looking forward to a chance to win :)

  3. Diema Roth says:

    Ohhhh Christine’s soaps!!! I wanna win!!!

  4. Denise says:

    I am a Denise too!! And I am a boy momma (just 3 of them!). Found your blog on Instagram and had to enter your contest!! Happy spring to you!

  5. […] Note:  The Christine in this blog post is the same Christine of Hilltop Designs.  You can win her soap!  And you can win Mary Kay lip gloss.  Seriously, how can you go wrong?  Enter today! […]

  6. Karen says:

    Would love to try some of her soaps. Maybe if I don’t win, she can have a display at the library? Or does she sell them anywhere?

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