A snowy road. Not THE snowy road, but a snowy road on our way home from school one day when we were giddy to see pavement and the SUN WAS OUT.

A snowy road. Not THE snowy road, but a snowy road on our way home from school one day when we were giddy to see pavement and the SUN WAS OUT.

There was this day that we had been snowed in for innumerable days on end.

Seriously.  We lost count there were so. very. many.

Christine needed new make up and I needed a day away from boys so I loaded up my Mary Kay bags, got into my super amazing has never let me down suburban and headed to her house.

Now, the county sheriff had advised agains road travel but it had been like two whole days since the really bad snow so I figured I would be fine.

Um, I say my suburban is awesome for a reason.

The wind had drifted the roads so badly that there were places I could hear the snow scraping under my feet.  There were times that there was literally just two tracks through the snow.  It was a scary drive, and Christine only lives a few miles from me!

I waded through snow, was greeted by a very happy to see me black lab and got to spend some time with my quickly becoming good friend.  Her kids?  Crack. Me. Up.  Because I (obviously) don’t have girls and anything those girls do just melts my heart.

We tried out all kinds of Mary Kay make up and found a look to make her eyes look bright and make her feel even more beautiful.  She would have offered me lunch but she was down to nothing at all in her fridge.  Like. Nothing.  She was thawing a casserole on her counter for dinner.  Because us Michiganders have gotten to the point where when we can go out to get groceries, we buy suburban loads of groceries and them make up meals for when we get snowed in again and have no food in the house again…like this day.

It’s been a winter.

Jake was just thrilled I was visiting with Christine.  He has always had this thing all his life about saving money.  And one of his (many) overused sayings is, “You bought soap?  How long you think the money is going to last if you go buying things like soap?”  Apparently Granny Clampett used this line and it struck home with him.  And he was quite certain that a friendship with Christine would cause me to make soap like Granny used to.

Image from Google Images

Making soap is more like this…


And we have discussed my total uncraftiness, right?  Yes.  It’s epically bad.  So I am just going to let Christine make all my soap from here to forever.

It was time for me to go and I have to admit I was a wee bit scared of driving home.  But I had faith in my trusty suburban and headed out.

The tricky part was I had to go pretty fast to keep moving and moving fast was pretty scary.  I got my phone out to record going down the road because I wanted to prove how dangerous it was.

Note here: No one was on the road. Because they were all wise and stayed in like the county sheriff told them to.  Christine and I just knew that a need for make up really was an emergency and therefore okayed the travel.

Since I had been at Christine’s, a county plow truck had been through one of the main(ish) roads and it was clear.  I was happy as I could be and stopped the recording as I came over a hill and RIGHT INTO SNOW.

Not like a little bit of snow.  Like, all the snow that had been been rubbing the bottom of the suburban doubled.  The truck had come through to plow and one lane was free of snow but this lane had all the snow.  ALL. THE. SNOW.

I was committed at this point and just put my foot on the gas and kept driving.

I may also have encouraging the suburban like I was at the boys football game, “You can do it! Come one!  You can do it! Come on…just a little more!”

I felt her getting tired.  I felt her wanting to give up.  We started going sideways and slowing way way down.  I could see the end of the snow road and just a little tiny bit further and we would be out.

I didn’t think we would make it.

And then suddenly, whoosh, we came flying out of that snow bank like the Dukes of Hazzard getting away from Rosco.

Photo taken from Google Images.

I cheered.  I slapped the dash in a “way to go!” manner and told her what a great suburban she was and I knew she had had it in her.

I was so happy to make it home.

I told the boys all about my scary trip.  I was literally shaking about it.  I really didn’t know what I was going to do if I had been stuck because super stuck would have been an understatement.

I regaled the boys with my adventure.  “Did you get it on video?” they asked, eyes alight as though I was the coolest mama ever and how on earth did they miss this trip that was suppose to be a boring girly trip.

“Um, no.  I didn’t.  I never would have been able to.  I needed both hands to steer!”

The disappointment in their eyes was epic.  But it only lasted a moment.  “How about you drive us back there and we do it again?”



Note:  The Christine in this blog post is the same Christine of Hilltop Designs.  You can win her soap!  And you can win Mary Kay lip gloss.  Seriously, how can you go wrong?  Enter today!



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3 Responses to I Drove Through Snow Like The Dukes of Hazzard

  1. Denise says:

    Oh my somehow I can so picture this! I LOVE my suburban. My husband and son think it is hysterical I call it a her. My son says it just to “beastly” to be a girl. I say “no way, she’s a beast!” She hasn’t let me down yet.
    Dear Hubby is trying to talk me in to downsizing. It’s mostly me driving around by myself. I sure feel safe though!!!
    I am ordering the coffee soap today! I cant wait to try it!

  2. Ron - WI says:

    Great writing Denise…Louisiana may have their 4-wheelers driven by red neck Duck Commanders but Michigan has its 4 wheel drive Suburbans driven by wild-eyed Snow Queens! – Michigan wins…Way to go girl!

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