Time Management For Bloggers: How Do You Do It?

February 28, 2014 in Blog by life4boys

Life is busy. Get the kids ready for school, get to work, homework time, clean the house, make dinner, bedtime rituals… And this is just a weekday!

Add a blog into the mix and it gets even more hectic.

Blogging is great–it lets us get our voices “out there.” It allows us to be creative and share our thoughts with the world, but it’s also stressful when we have to find time to squeeze it in.

Sticking to a schedule when it comes to blogging can make you seem like one of “those moms.” You know, the ones who do it all. The perfect Mom.

Time management for bloggers: Be the perfect Mom.

Schedule your day

Once a week? Twice a week? What’s your goal? First decide how often you’d like to blog, then decide on a set day to do it. Now, go write it in your calendar.

Schedule your time

Can you wake up an hour before the family gets up? How about lunch time, nap time, or while the kids are doing homework? Decide what time you’ll blog every week and write it down. Writing down your goals and setting time aside for them produces the most success.

Schedule your topics

Don’t rely on sitting down to the computer and magically writing a blog post (though, I think we all try and do that at least once). Brainstorm during the week (I use Evernote to keep my list synced between iPhone and desktop) and look through your notes the day before. You’ll be able think about your post and visualize it in your head before you sit down to write.

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