Coffee With Denise

Coffee With Denise

Today I am having (virtual) coffee with a new friend.  Except she doesn’t like coffee.

Can you imagine??? Someone who doesn’t like coffee???

We met via a facebook post.  She needed to talk to someone who likes coffee.

Um, I sorta know someone.

So, she asked me to guest post on her blog.  How nice is that?  Jamie has a great blog called Books and Beverages.  Seriously, is this blog not about perfect for me? But she doesn’t like coffee so she asked me to tell her readers a little about my love affair with coffee.  So I did.

It was so fun meeting someone new!  It was a ton of fun to look over her blog and figure out something to write for her. (Hint – if you love books, you need to begin following her blog.  I keep checking in now because I like it that much.  And she didn’t ask me to say that, as a book lover I am really enjoying her posts and author interviews.)   So, please do me a HUGE favor and head on over to her blog.  Say hello to her and tell me how YOU drink your coffee.

It’ll be fun!

Check out Jamie’s blog at Books and Beverages and read my post there!

Jamie from Books and Beverages

Jamie from Books and Beverages

Thanks so much, Jamie!  You have been so kind and I am so thankful you asked me to write this for you! Hope one day we can share a cup of coffee (er, well, tea for you and coffee for me) in real life! 

(And here is an added bonus – she has a give away going on until February 10th.  You can check it out HERE.)

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One Response to Coffee With Denise

  1. Jamie says:

    I love this!! Thanks for the special shout out! I’m so glad we did meet and I too hope one day we can have a cup of tea and cup of coffee in real life!! :)

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