Pretty sure I may have just won Worst Mother of the Year already for 2014.  That didn’t take too long, all of 22 days?

Yeah, so….

It’s cold here in Michigan.  I mean so cold that it is going down in history books as record setting cold.  It’s (almost said a bad word) cold every single day.  And every day it snows.  And snows.  And snows.  We are living in a snow globe…I just wish our snow globe were as pretty as the snow in Frozen.

From Google Images - Disney's Frozen

From Google Images – Disney’s Frozen


The boys do not get outdoor recess when it is cold and they feel this is some sort of great injustice.  Don’t the teachers know we can handle the outdoors? they mutter as they slam their things into their back pack.

To help them deal with not having outdoor recess (instead, they stay inside and play board games.  Pretty sure the teachers are wishing they could send the kids out to play at that point too.), the boys have come up with a genius plan.

They know they will get to to outside to play as soon as they get home from school.  But to get themselves ready for school on no outdoor recess days, they have taken to running around the turn around in our driveway.

We have a circular drive and the boys just race each other over and over and over again.  Mostly it’s S3 and S4 but then they talk S2 into running with them and they slip and slid and fall into snow and pile into the suburban late – but laughing.

This morning as they clambered in all talking loud and breathing hard, I noticed S3 didn’t have a coat on.  It was a balmy five degrees outside.

“Where is your coat?” I demanded in that “quit horsing around and give me your full attention” tone of voice.

“Um, it’s…” he looks over the suburban seat.  “My back pack is in the house and I don’t have a coat.”

Don’t have a coat is the worst excuse he could have used ever.  Because he is the third son.  That means he has two brothers worth of hand me downs of coats to choose from.  S1 not have a coat, believable.  S3?  That excuse is just not going to work.

So we had to stop the suburban, unlock the doors, confuse the kittens, grab his back pack and amazingly he found a coat in all of 3.2 seconds of walking up to his room.

S3 on a day he DID have on his snow gear - proof he owns it.

S3 on a day he DID have on his snow gear – proof he owns it.

We made it to school on time (for those of you who care, we are currently listening to Brian’s Winter on cd.  It’s read by John Boy Walton (not really his name but we all know him as John Boy Walton.  Not as great a reader as the guy who read Hatchet and The River.  But still, silence on the way to school and a good book to boot.  We just started it.).  S3 burst from the suburban like a lightening bolt and ran all the way to the school, making parents laugh at his high energy while we are all bundled up freezing.

Case in point.  I had on two pairs of pants, wool socks, a t-shirt, two long sleeved t-shirts, Jake’s Cabela’s hooded sweatshirt, my winter coat and mittens.

S3, I noticed as he raced into the door, did not have on a coat. (In my defense, he did have on a hooded zipper sweatshirt.)

So I was the mom who had to explain to the teacher that S3 could not be going outside today because he didn’t have a coat.  The other 4th grade teacher assured me that there was no way they would be going outside today so I didn’t need to worry.

Good grief.

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