The boys are all watching football…again…and I felt like writing random events so it’s time for another edition of Saturday Something.

We are all hunkering down for yet another snow storm. 75 days until spring’s arrival and I am telling you, it can’t get here fast enough.  Tomorrow could get up to two feet of snow and have wind chills that are NEGATIVE 30.

I cannot even comprehend that.

That is 30 degrees BELOW zero.  Right now it is 27 degrees above zero and I was so cold I had to dig out a sweater and I’ve already added two extra blankets to our bed.

We went to the small town near us to load up on feed and bird seed and S3 needed a pair of boots.  The sole on his boot literally fell right off his boot.  Like, right. Off.  It was craziness. I guess hand me downs only last so long.

S3 spent the big bucks (eight dollars) on his own bag of Beef Jerky brought to us all by the guys from Duck Dynasty.  He left the bag on a chair and our dog promptly ate it all.  I don’t think S3 will ever forgive her.

Then we loaded up on groceries (the store was insanely busy) which is awesome because I need to make sure we have about a gallon of milk a day with these boys but the scary thing is that I am on my last bag of coffee.  I have this crazy addiction to Water Street coffee and while I knew that it wouldn’t be at this store, I looked to see what could come close to compare and there really wasn’t a thing.

I have enough coffee to last a week but what if I am snowed in a week?  What if I need a zillion cups of coffee and run out?

I worry over these things.  I need to have a back up bag at all times and my back up bag was needed for this Christmas vacation.

Which brings me to my next point, Christmas vacation may be extended a day or two with the boys due to this weather they are calling “life threatening”.

They will cheer and be excited until I remind them that being snowed in and being too cold to go outside means a perfect time to CLEAN THEIR ROOMS.

January makes me clean like a crazy woman.  The boys kind of get a little frightened of me.  I get a room to look great and while it will, not “it might” because it really will, get trashed in mere moments, I enjoy knowing the dust bunnies are captured and the windows are smudge proof – momentarily.

I sort through clothes and apparently my friends do the same because we have kind of a clothes swap going on right now.  I got rid of a bag of clothes and three more (literally) showed up.

But when I try to get the boys to clean their room they balk.

It was trashed and my husband used his phrase that one day the boys will use on their little boys, I am certain.  “This room is a fire hazard!”  It took the boys all of 15 minutes to get it “super clean”.  S4 had literally moved his bed forward quite a bit, dropped all his clothes and toys behind it and then shoved the bed agains the mess.

Our ideas of “super clean” are no the same.

So if we get a snow day on Monday, I can guarantee you what we will be doing.

Which will require great amounts of coffee.

And I only have one bag left.

If only I had minions.

If only I had thought ahead to actually buy Despicable Me 2 for us to watch while in a snow storm!

But I did get Beauty and the Beast, my favorite childhood movie.

I am sure the boys will be thrilled when I say, “Oh, did you want to watch some TV?  Here is a monster movie for us to watch.”

I love this movie.

What’s your favorite childhood movie?

And, on that note, what’s your favorite coffee?



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  1. Ron - WI says:

    S3 spent the big bucks (eight dollars) on his own bag of Beef Jerky brought to us all by the guys from Duck Dynasty. He left the bag on a chair and our dog promptly ate it all. I don’t think S3 will ever forgive her. – – –

    I’m sure S-3 doesn’t think so but that was hilarious. With that being Duck Dynasty jerky, he & his Dad should take her outside and squeeze her stomach…when she passes gas it may sound like a duck call and bring in a couple of Drakes for them to shoot.

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