People are shocked to learn that I am not crafty.

As in…not crafty AT. ALL.

Alicia (who I work with at the library – which sounds so “yeah, I know who she is” but we totally finish each others sentences and even better – we can have entire conversations by hand motion and sound.  That’s communication at it’s best, people.) used to think I was just being “humble”.  Now she bans me from crafts.

Seriously not crafty.


Then Pinterest was created.

I try to like Pinterest.  I really do.  But as uncrafty as I am it’s tough to love it.  My dad, recovering from shoulder surgery, stumbled upon Pinterest and finds it fascinating.  But he takes junk and makes art so that makes sense.  I see junk and plant Morning Glories up it so no one can see what it is anymore.

I’m not a Pinner.  I am not someone who struggles with Pinterest addiction.

But then Alicia and Tonya kept sending me silly pins and I wouldn’t see them so they would have to email them to me.  Then I would open them in Pinterest see something else would catch my eye and so this past month I have found myself checking Pinterest for something or another nearly daily.

It also happens that my hair is driving me insane because I missed my hair appointment with the Amazing Stephanie due to – I know this will shock you – snow.  So I am looking for all sorts of new ways to do my hair.

Also, Downton Abbey has returned and I love the style on that show so much.  I mean, I am pretty sure the reason my husband bought a tv the size of our living room wall was just so I could watch Downton Abbey in HD.  He is awesome like that.

Anyhow, I found “Beach Wave” hair.  It guarantees your hair to look all sexy beach amazing.  I happen to long for beach days so much it hurts so I figured I would try it.

Pinterest shows me this…

Mine did not look like this.  At all.

It didn’t turn out THIS bad but seeing this site makes me wish I had taken a better photo of my hair to add it to the Pinterest Fails.

My husband assures me it looked great (I took a photo of it for him…along with my reaction to how it turned out.) but it doesn’t look a thing the above amazing photo.

In fact, my tweet about my hair was this…

Seriously, people, I have no idea how it will ever comb out.

I am also thinking that the best way to get “Beach Wave” hair is to go to the beach.  Not happening here for about another six months.

I am “this” close to cutting all my hair off.  But since Pinterest seems to be filled with a trillion photos of amazing looking long hair, I’ll hope one of these “super simple” and “easy” hair styles will work for my uncrafty self with super long hair.

But if a stylist wants to play with my hair all day and pin their creations to Pinterest (so I don’t have to do my hair at all), I’m totally game for that.  Have your people contact my people. ;)

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3 Responses to Pinterest Fail

  1. Loraine says:

    This is my daughter’s blog.
    Look up Bandana waves!


  2. Becca says:

    What?! No picture?!? Denise!!!!

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