Coffee With Denise

Coffee With Denise

I love Thursday coffee with Denise!
Since I know you pretty well, I can’t imagine what I can ask that you haven’t told me or the world yet. Hmmm, but maybe you should tell us….about your bedroom when you were a little girl. What was on the wall and why? Did you share it or were you alone?
Did you spend hours there like the rest of us and what did you do? – Sue from Praise and Coffee

This question had me going down memory lane all week long.  It’s been all kinds of fun!

First of all, there are no photos of my childhood bedroom.  How does this happen?  Maybe, in a trunk somewhere at my parents house there are but none that I have.

My parents home is an old school house.  Thinking over their home I realize just how much remodeling they have done to it over the years.  I am thankful for my dad’s handiwork to make our home function so well.  (PS, i still miss our dining room…not that I can imagine you not having your office room now.)

My first bedroom was my very own.  It was at the back of our living room – think a one room school house.  Cut it in half.  My bedroom was the back half.  It had a large window with a large sassafras tree outside.  In the winter, my parents had my bed next to the interior wall and the other side of that wall was the wood stove that heated our home.  I would press myself against that wall with my Holly Hobbie doll and sleep well all toasty warm.

I had a fancy white princess bed and a matching dresser with an scalloped mirror. In my closet there was a bag of change on the top shelf, I was quite certain it was the Tooth Fairy’s money and one day I would meet her.

My brother had a room at the end of the hall, the one household bathroom between our two rooms.  But when my sister was born, my parents tore down my bedroom to make a larger living room, I had a fit, I was given a Cabbage Patch doll and my brother, sister and I moved upstairs.

The upstairs of our home was my parents bedroom before ours.  It had a large main area with slanted ceilings and one long dormer hallway and one short dormer hallway.  In the end, all four of us ended up sharing that room.  When I got older, I had the long dormer part of the room and my mom hung a sheet over the dormer so I had more privacy – important to a young teen girl.

Later, my Dad made a bedroom in the basement for my brothers and they moved downstairs giving my sister and I the entire upstairs.  I enjoyed moving all the furniture around all the time up stairs.  Our home we live in now, there is no moving the furniture around but man, I used to love coming up with new room configurations.

When all four of us were upstairs we would set up tents and play Little House.  All the stuffed animals would sit on the bed and we would giddy-up on an adventure.  I had a Skipper and the Hart Family barbies and my brother had a Michael Knight and talking Kit car so I would come up with some story line for our dolls (technically, Dan had an action figure).  Because the carpet was blue we usually had to pretend there was flood.

I am not sure what happened to my bed and although I always loved my dresser, I don’t know where that went as well.  But one thing my mom did give me that I loved loved loved was a desk.  I tried to always keep it near a window by a tree.  I like to look out at trees… Anyhow, it had my mom’s name written in the door and I wrote my name in the door too.  I loved that desk.  I would spend hours writing there.  My one long finished book (written in a hot pink notebook) was called the Magical Forest…and Magical and Forest are misspelled.

One year my Dad and Uncle Paul built me a play house.  in the summers I would pack up some bedding and head out to my playhouse where I would stay until school started again.  My little playhouse had three windows and a little sleeping area. I would stay awake late with a flashlight reading Little House books or Anne of Green Gables books or Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden.

I had a blissful childhood.

Thinking back to all that time with my siblings in our one room together made me a little home sick.  It was a good growing up time.

As far as what was on my walls…I can’t recall.  Well, i would write things and put them up on the wall.  I cut out the words “Seize The Day” from construction paper and put them on my ceiling once.  I was quite certain I may be the next Henry David Thoreau…girl version, of course.

I did, however, have one poster and it was all smiley faces of various kinds.  It said Have a Day at the top I think and all the faces had some emotion and label under them – emoticons before emoticons.  I felt all rebellious having it because one of them said “shitty” and my mom was appalled.  For whatever reason, that poster made me laugh.  And it just may still hang up down in the basement by my brothers room for all know.

And that is my childhood bedroom story.

If you have a question for Coffee With Denise, do what Sue did and leave a question in the comments, or email me, or ask on facebook or twitter.  It’s so fun to have these random moments with you! 

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2 Responses to Coffee With Denise

  1. Christine says:

    Cute! I love the Barbie Throwback! Memories….

  2. Ron - WI says:

    Nice post Denise,
    My wife tells me she and her sisters had the entire upstairs (attic)of a large house…and it got so cold in the winter that she and her 5 sisters would all pile into one bed for warmth. She said at night when they looked up at the ceiling, they could see through the cracks of the roof and the stars would be visible. – Memories they will never forget.

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