Coffee With Denise

Coffee With Denise

If you would like to ask me a question and have it answered on a Thursday edition of Coffee With Denise, email me or leave me a comment on a post and I’ll be happy to work your suggestion in.  Answering questions is fun for me! 

Today on Coffee With Denise (every time I type that I imagine I am a news reporter and I say it in “breaking news” tone of voice), I am going to talk to you all about my other business….

Not to diminish the job of being Jake’s wife and a mom to these four boys that are growing at an alarming rate (18 eggs needed for breakfast this morning!), I thought I would let you know my “other” job(s).

I think you all have figured out by now that we live on this little hobby farm in Michigan.  We grow a variety of vegetables that we sell from a farm stand at our home.  We start with asparagus and we end with pumpkins and squash.

A couple days of work I work for a teeny tiny library with a great big huge heart.  Alicia and I wish working at the library meant we were paid for reading as part of our job description but as long as I don’t have to do craft anything, it’s an amazing fun job.  I enjoy being involved in our tiny community and I love love love working with my best friend.

Then, of course, is blogging.  If I could figure out how to do this every single day I totally would.  When I do anything and everything else, I am always always always thinking in story form.

But this past summer I also began a side business as a Mary Kay Consultant.

The boys find this to be great, shockingly, because Jessica from Duck Dynasty is a Mary Kay fan and when I told them that, it seems my pink Mary Kay career had the big ol’ Camouflage stamp of approval and it was okay with them.

The thing I love most about Mary Kay is the fun of the product.  I really seriously enjoy finding the right colors for people because I happen to like make up.  A lot.  I think I like it more as I get older because it’s just so girly, does that make sense?

Getting my make up at half off is pretty nifty too, so it’s a lot of fun for me to experiment with the different face washes and moisturizers to get the right combination for my skin.  It’s all a process of learning and trial and error.

The part of selling Mary Kay that is the most difficult is getting those parties set up.  To me, this just sounds like fun.  It’s me getting girl time with someone who likes to talk all kinds of colors and textures and looks too.  It’s that woman getting a huge discount on what she purchases.  That discount and her happiness at her purchases makes me happy.  But getting someone to have a get together to do this is harder than I imagined it would be.

I have a great leader (that seems like such a strong cold word) in Sarah.  Sarah and I finally met in November this year.  She is so amazingly encouraging and happy every single time I call her.  And when we were first setting up this business, I called her a lot.  Like, a lot lot.

Denise and Sarah

My husband is awesome at encouraging me.  I may be discouraged with slow sales and he will be cheerily suggesting some new idea.  He continually reminds me that I will look great in a pink caddy…also, he wouldn’t mind driving one. :)  I had not known he would be this encouraging and I appreciate him greatly.

pink caddy

I can’t get the boys to try on any make up with me, go figure, but they are happy to tell me if something is awful or not.  That’s so kind of them. (Please note my tone of voice at that…they really do tell me if it’s awful.  But at least they are (brutally) honest!)

And they really like that fact that they get to wear cologne now.  I told them all girls hate the smell of Axe and that if they smell like one single squirt of Mary Kay’s Velocity, girls will appreciate it much more (you are welcome teachers).


My overall experience with Mary Kay is great.  I am so happy to be beginning this journey.  I would encourage someone else to join the group of Mary Kay sisterhood as well!

But here is my request of you…look on the Mary Kay website and find a consultant near you.  Set up a time to have her come over and show you the new great colors, the amazing time tested and proven skin care, the amazing fragrances.  Find yourself a whole new look or just try one new eye shadow or lip gloss.  You’ll make a consultant’s day, and you will have fun as well.  Trust me.

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3 Responses to Coffee With Denise

  1. Sue says:

    I love Thursday coffee with Denise!
    Since I know you pretty well, I can’t imagine what I can ask that you haven’t told me or the world yet. Hmmm, but maybe you should tell us….about your bedroom when you were a little girl. What was on the wall and why? Did you share it or were you alone?
    Did you spend hours there like the rest of us and what did you do?

  2. Christine says:

    I love your blog! Seriously LOVE!

  3. Amy Tilson says:

    Camouflage stamp of approval!! Mary Kay should pay you for coming up with that one! I see product development (beard care, anyone?) in your future! :)

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