Over the last week those who tell us the upcoming weather have all said the same thing…”We have no idea what will happen.”

What happened was a crazy mix of rain, ice and snow.  We happened to be in the ice section of the state.  Jake woke early in the morning listening to trees snap and fall to the ground under the weight of the ice.


I have a serious head cold so I slept.

But we were both awake before day light, checking facebook for updates, seeing a transformer that had blown over my beloved library, reading reports of electric being out and snuggled in our fleece sheets lined bed.  It was all comfy and lazy and grand until the electric went out.

Just as long as it took for us to exclaim, “Oh no!” and then “Call the electric company” it came back on.  My husband took this moment to run, literally, to the kitchen to get his coffee pot started and my tea kettle going for coffee.

It’s moments like that when I am reminded again just how much I love that man.

With coffee in us and the boys watching First Snow in the Woods, we lazily began our day.  I made everyone shower (you should have heard the boys’ complaints!) while we still had electric.  I had filled buckets of water and jugs of drinking water the night before.  We had cranked the heat so the house was exceptionally warm in case the electric went out and we needed that extra warmth.

S3 begged for waffles and since we weren’t leaving the driveway anytime soon, we had homemade waffles.

S1 was asked to join a facebook chat to talk about the Sunday school lesson since most everyone was smartly snuggled in at their homes.

We played cards together, I used my amazing Satin Lips set to cure my winter lips and got too much so I had Jake do a Satin Lips treatment too which was hilarious to the boys.  He told me not to put that on facebook.  That’s why I added it in this blog post.

Jake left while I napped to cut a load of wood, it’s his happy place, and the boys played, read, went hunting for rabbits.  The kittens snuggled in laps and the tea kettle made lots of warm drinks.  We all worked on dinner to make grilled chicken, fried potatoes and a brand new amazingly yummy cornbread muffin.  As I type this, the cookie dough is chilling to make cookies when the Lions game is over.

And all day long we all said this “This is best day ever” and “This is the best day we have had in a long time” and “Today is so much fun” and “That was the best dinner in forever”.

Family time.  A day we normally run around like crazy people and instead we were forced to hunker down together and it was lovely.  Over the top wonderful.  We are all a bit sad this beautiful day is coming to an end.

I know that some people had a tough day.  No electric.  No heat.  Trees down all over.  Working hard to keep us safe.

But in our little bubble here on our tiny little farm in our small old farmhouse, we had a blissfully wonderful warm day.  I hope we remember it forever.

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