Coffee With Denise

Coffee With Denise

Today I ditched everything on my to do list.

I swung into school, late, and literally ran into the building with my boys in tow.  Then as I as running out of the school in the rain, Sue pulled up.  I leapt in her car and we may have squealed like I was literally skipping school.

We drove through the downpour of fall rain to Schuler Book store (which is not Schuller, which happens to be in GERMANY and I did not see if they served coffee but it looked like a quaint place from the Maps App….but I digress…and we did find it, just fine, even in the rain.  The real Schuler in Grand Rapids, not the Schuller in Germany.).  There we met up with our dear dear long time no see friends Lorilee and Alison and we all just took a deep breath like, “Finally, finally we are all together again.”

It was beautiful.

We drank umpteen cups of coffee (free refills for that basic coffee, we lost count on creamer containers), drank their lovely lemon water (just bringing a pitcher to our table for refills) and I freaked everyone out by purchasing a vegan muffin to eat – but the vegan muffins are so moist and yummy!  It’s my total spoil because Jake would balk if I ever ate anything vegan.  (Lorilee, knowing our hunting boys well, nearly did not recover!)

I just soaked it in.  I just soaked in being with my friends and talking writing and books and Anne of Green Gables and hearing Lorilee and Alison throw around big words no one ever has the privilege of hearing in every day conversation.

How I have missed them.

How I have missed it all.

I could have stayed wrapped up in the cafe all day.  We watched the breakfast crowd leave, we watched the lunch crowd arrive, we watched the lunch crowd leave and still we sat telling our stories.

It was good to the soul.  So good.

So here is my question for YOU…when have you had your last coffee get together?

Do it.  Do it just as soon as you can.

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