Coffee With Denise

Coffee With Denise

In July, a special friend arrived to literally have coffee with me and the boys.

Carol has been a fan of the blog since, well, I don’t know.  A long time.

Every post she reads.  Every post.  She comments on the facebook page regularly.  She and I have become facebook friends.  I sent her my favorite chocolate cake recipe and it’s a huge hit over there in Massachusetts with her and her friends.

She happens to be cousins with Alice, who helps at the library with Alicia and I.  So we had this common person connection.  Last year, I received an invite to a family reunion.  Carol’s family reunion.

It’s the first family reunion I actually slightly considered going to.

When Carol arrived in Michigan for the reunion, she arrived early to get some visiting in with her relatives.  And she couldn’t wait to meet us.

Meet us at our home, no less.

I was a little bit nervous, I’ll admit.  I mean, I don’t actually KNOW her and she is coming to our home?

I told my husband my biggest fear of her arrival.  “What if all along I have shared our lives with people and they meet us and it’s not what they think?  What if I have done a terrible job describing our home and us?”

The day she arrived I was out of good coffee and my kitchen was piles of dishes from the night before.  She arrived with a smile and a bag of good coffee for me to make up a yummy pot.

“I’m sorry about the kitchen,” I stammered.

“Oh, my dear! It’s fine! It’s just as you described!” Carol bubbled.

And the rest of the visit was just that.  She just looked around and looked at us and would say, “I can’t believe I am actually here with you all!  It’s just as you have described!”

Usually, all my boys wander away after a bit when someone visits.  Not this time.  All the boys seemed drawn to Carol.  They all sat near her, they all joined in the conversation.

Carol and the Boys

After drinking a bunch of coffee and munching on muffins, we took her on a tour of the garden.  She wanted to see S1’s shop.  She took photos of the silo, the suburban, the fields, the shop.

Her trip ended much too soon.

There is that saying that some people you meet leave an impression on you and shape who you are.

Carol is that person.

It was a true honor to finally meet her and she will forever be dear to us.

Carol and Me

I am so thankful she and I shared a real cup of coffee together.

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2 Responses to Coffee With Denise

  1. Kela Nellums says:

    This is a most beautiful friendship!

  2. Carol Bailey says:

    Thank you for this lovely post – I misplaced the email until this minute. You are a special lady who has that rare glow from within that shines love in all forms, everywhere. See you in a few weeks!

    My fond regards,


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