Recently, the older boys were rewarded for some hard work with new tractor batteries.  I am pretty sure the boys will never walk again.  Why would you when you can drive anywhere?

Because one has a Wheel Horse he thinks is the best and one has a John Deere he thinks is the best, they have been trying to find ways to beat each other and prove their tractor’s worth.

Enter…brotherly tractor pulls.

The boys set up in the driveway and it’s an all brother event.  The little ones place bets and cheer their favorite.  The older two take forever setting up.  I am in charge of taking photos and video.

It takes longer to set up than actually have a tractor pull.

And it’s worth mentioning that I have the nicest graded driveway in the county because as soon as they are done with a tractor pull, they fix the driveway.

It’s a summer memory I am sure they’ll remember forever.


For you people who want to know stats (and I know none of them), I asked the boys the for the info you would want to know.

1972 John Deere is a 112.  Kohler engine. 10 hp. Bought tire chains for five dollars at a tractor show and they don’t seem to help very much.  They seem to just dig a hole.

1973 Wheel Horse.  Automatic. Last year Wheel Horse is Wheel Horse.  10 hp Kohler engine. S1 plans to fix it up eventually, currently it’s used to mow the lawn.

To view the video, click here.


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One Response to Wheel Horse vs John Deere

  1. Ron - WI says:

    Can’t wait to see the vieos when they start competing for girls…Does the Prom Queen prefer to ride to DQ on the back of a John Deere or the Wheel Horse?…That may be a tough call for a true country girl to make. ;>)

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