Praise And Coffee Magazine

Praise and Coffee Magazine, Summer edition is here, and isn’t it lovely?!?!?!

When Sue sent me this image she had found, I just melted a bit because I love it so much.

I’ve written two articles in this issue….

One on Freedom in Living Life Authentically

and one on



Of course I would write an article on mud!

One cannot miss the large bold print of this being our last issue.

It’s true.  To read more on that, read what Sue spilled from her heart HERE.

I may have shed a tear (or more).  I strongly encourage you to read Sue’s article on the subject because it’s spot on and I am more thrilled at what the future holds than I am sad and clinging to the past.

But for a last issue, we sure have this packed with amazing articles!  We have made some great friends over the years and this issue highlights so many of them!  Read it over, let us know what you think!

To find out how to order any of our magazines in print, click HERE.  They are available through MagCloud.  This summer magazine will cost you about 15 dollars. 

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