It is a good thing my boys do not know who Evel Knievel is or they would have a new hero and I would have to live next to the hospital.

I wrote this on my facebook page for Life With Four Boys this weekend and someone wrote, “You would have your own wing”.

I think she is right.

It’s been a week.

You know what I mean by that?

Like – end. this. week. now.

But I have learned a few things this week:

1. Always stock up on bandages before summer arrives and always make sure those bandages include butterfly bandages and gauze tape. Always.

2. Liquid band-aid is the bomb.  It also hurts to a blood curdling scream levels (or so my deaf ears have learned).

3. A glass aquarium, no matter how cool a habitat – should not be left in a sandbox.

4. Some lessons your kids have to learn are painful in more ways than one.

This youtube video may give you an idea what happened this week.  S3 even titled the video for you all.

On Tuesday, S3 (who is more often found on his bike than not on his bike) took a bike jump over a board one of his brothers was using as a pretend barn roof in the sand box and ran smack dab into the the glass aquarium that the boys use for various reptile habitats.

Lesson learned – a glass aquarium, no matter how cool a habitat – should not be left in a sandbox.

S3, partly amazed at his great jump and partly horrified that he had crashed into the aquarium, looked around to see if anyone had caught him.

No one.

Well, except for Mama in the dining room folding laundry. When he tried to walk away from the aquarium, I hollered at him that he had better clean it up.  Amazingly, the glass had just bent in and not shattered so I figured it would be an easy pick up and a good lesson learned.

I watched to make sure he got started, went back to the laundry room, and a few moments later, I thought I might have heard my name called.

I gave it no thought until I heard that call that makes a mother drop everything and rush to a child because she knows it’s BAD.

As I entered the dining room, I saw footsteps of blood leading into the bathroom.

My heart fell into my stomach.

S3 was sitting on the floor, sobbing.  Blood was bubbled up and appeared to be gushing out.  I caught my breath and grabbed the bathroom counter for support.

“It’s bad, isn’t it?  It’s so bad!” S3 wailed, now with sheer panic etched in his voice.

I grabbed the hand towel and pressed it hard on his foot.  “Oh no”, I assured him, “Everything is going to be fine.”  But I was pretty sure he had just severed his foot off.

It was with great care that I finally pulled back the towel to see how bad the injury was.

It was quickly obvious that he was going to keep his foot.

And that is when we learned a new lesson – S3 believes that hydrogen peroxide fixes everything.  I don’t know why, he just does.  When he was bleeding, he dumped that on the wound and it bubbled up, made the blood watery and the whole injury looked a zillion times worse than it actually was.

The wound was actually just a filet sort of cut, not terribly bad.  We washed it up and i figured we could use some butterfly bandages to keep it together.  But we were out of butterfly bandages – imagine that – so I dug out the liquid band-aid.

Apparently, liquid band-aid hurts.

But it hurts worse if you have a hand injury, as we found out on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I was in my rock garden finishing planting some impatients that were impatient to get into the ground (sorry, I couldn’t resist that line).  S3 made a terribly awesome bike jump that I missed, although I was right next to him, because I was looking down at the bright orange flowers.  S4 assures me it was at least five feet in the air if not six feet.

S4 feels he is never ever ever wrong.  And while I do not disagree this would have been quite the jump to see, I don’t totally trust his measurements   All the same, it was an impressive bike jump.

The landing was not so impressive.

S3 jumped up from his bike, shaking his hand.  “Did you see that?!” he called out.

S4 was jumping up and down he was so excited.  “It was AWESOME!” he was screaming.

S3 looked down at his hand.  You could see the emotions all over his face – pure joy at the amazing air he had gotten and pain that he had in his hands.

He decided to run to the bathroom for soap and water…and hydrogen peroxide…while S4 just kept going on and on about how cool that was and what talent S3 has.  He was so impressed he even wheeled his brother’s bike to the porch so as soon as he got out of the house he could just jump on his bike and do it again.

But he didn’t.

S3 literally ripped the top layer of the palm of his hand off in one finger thick line.  Not a terrible injury, but we had no band-aid that would stick so I dug out the liquid band-aid again.

Liquid band-aid on your hand hurts to blood curdling scream levels.  I know because I ended up deaf as I was attending to his wound.

The next morning, after cleaning his ankle wound from the glass aquarium (he had tried to see if he could break the glass more when he went to clean it up and when he did, it shattered.  He had stepped on a piece of jagged glass that cut his foot.  S1 and I ended up cleaning up that aquarium and shoveling dirt out of the sand box so no one else would get cut) and wrapping a piece of gauze around his hand and tying it there (we were out of tape, except duct tape but I feared that the wound wouldn’t breathe then), we went to the store for bandage supplies.

He is rocking quite the look – socks with his summer shoes and hand wrapped in gauze.

Now we are stocked up for the next injury.

But really, I am hoping that injury does not occur.

I think we have learned enough lessons for one week.

A S3 Bike Jump

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2 Responses to Evel Knievel

  1. Kellyn says:

    He is Boo’s soul brother I think… I have a HUGE box just full of first aid stuff plus 3 first aid kits in various places around the house/cars. Thank goodness I do!

    S3 is a rockstar. Liquid bandage is a…well…not nice word.

  2. Chris Angulo says:

    Ouch. I think taking care of a couple dogs is a chore. I’m glad there was no major injuries smashing into glass like that. 4 Boys! I’m a boy…cough, man… I don’t know how you do it.

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