The new magazine is out and ready to be read!





The cover – how I love it.  When Sue asked me about it, I literally had goosebumps because I love this photo of Maureen ever so much.

I secretly love wings like those, well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore.

This was a tough article for me to write this time around.  I basically gave Sue a list of possible article subjects and sorta mentioned one and she picked my sorta mentioned one.


She was right to have me work on that.  And I am glad she knew better than I.

But enough of all that!

We have GOOD stuff in this magazine!

Alli Worthington

 Kate Battistelli

Matt Appling

Melanie Nelson

Amy Lively

Tammi Heim

(in) courage

Kristen Schiffman

Maureen (our cover!)


And adorable jackets from Big Mama’s Melanie Shankle!

Of course, there is the normal articles from Sue Cramer and Ronel Sidney.

Check it out and let me know what you think!!!

To purchase a hard copy, a real paper magazine, click HERE. It will cost you $13.80 an issue.

Our summer themed magazine will be surrounding the word Freedom.  Can not wait to see what that will bring!

So brew up some coffee or tea or iced tea and settle in for a great read.


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