On Saturday morning, I woke up early.

Not by choice.

My husband wakes up happy happy happy.  I mean, like, “wake up, you are missing part of the day!” and “this is the best you will feel for the rest of the day!”.

I don’t.

I don’t feel great in the morning.  I do not wake up happy happy happy.  i wake up shuffling around and needing coffee desperately   When I gave my husband fair warning at half way to daybreak (that’s early, in case you didn’t know) that I would not even resemble a human until I had coffee, he didn’t really believe me.

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How long have we been married?  (More than fifteen years, to those who are paying attention.)

But this turned out to be the day I found something that was stronger than coffee.

All day I was dragging butt tired.  I had looked forward to sleeping in all week long.  And while I shouldn’t have been a grouch about it all, I was.  And as the saying goes, “it all went downhill from there.”

I couldn’t take any more.  I had just had it for the day, so I crashed on the bed with my strawberry shortcake blanket and decided if I didn’t get a nap I would become a walking zombie.  Coffee wasn’t touching this tired.

So I wasn’t too happy when my husband burst into the bedroom.  I believe my last words to him before I went to bed were along the lines of, “I may love you but I am not liking you.”

Except this was worth getting up for.

One of my best friends and I celebrate a silly holiday.  I had sent her a card about it earlier this week and we had text back and forth during the day but she decided, out of the blue, to load up her kiddos and drive over.

Instant mood changer.

We laughed and talked and I showed off the messy rooms of our house since she hadn’t seen our remodel and we laughed a little more.  We dealt with kids injuries with bags of frozen vegetables (don’t we all?) and had my husband take photos of us that will only ever be seen by her and I – that i can promise you.

It was a great hour.

I don’t know what possessed her to drive over.  But I don’t think that she can fully understand how happy it made me.  Who knew friendship is stronger than coffee?

My husband is saying that whenever I am a grouch he is going to call a friend to come over and visit me.

I think he should just let me sleep in.

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One Response to Stronger Than Coffee

  1. JoyFilledMom says:

    I like the saying, “I’d be a morning person if morning happened at noon”

    So sweet. I love how God shows up in our friends.

    I thought you were going to say being intimate w DH cuz it has been proven that having sex in morning increases your (and hubby’s) productivity. LOL!!!

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