We are sooooo excited for this magazine issue.

Perhaps you have been at that place where you are not sure just what God is telling you.  Perhaps you have just had to let it all go.

Because that’s where we were.

I sat on Sue’s back deck and said, “I’ll miss it terribly, but if we need to leave the magazine behind for a little while, I’ll do that.”

From that conversation came a rebirth of the magazine.  And not really the magazine, but the movement of Praise and Coffee.

Perfectly timed was a visit from our dear friend, Ronel.

Ronel writes a blog called Chosen For More and she is the National Director for Praise and Coffee.  She can spout out all sorts of information about Praise and Coffee at any given moment.  That is cool, but what rocks is her heart.  Her heart is with her family, her country and helping women.
And…get this…she likes to write curriculum.  I did not know this.  Sitting at the same table you see in this picture, she wrote out an entire study.  Amazing.
While we were all together out for lunch meeting some really great women (Check out their site Circle of Friends), Ronel gave a “mini resume”.  I was blown away.  I looked over at her and thought, “And here I loved you because I loved your heart….But holy wow!”
Sue, Ronel and I sat around the table and from our heart flowed words — and Ronel then looked up the words to make sure the words we used were exactly what our hearts were saying.  It was an intense two day pow wow, and it was a God moment in so many ways.
What we were willing to give up was reborn and the excitement we have — spectacular.  Our vision is clear, and we know that had to have come totally from God.  His fingerprints are all over this.
Thrilled?  That would be an understatement.  We poured our heats out here, and thrilled we are with the end result. 
So look over our magazine, tell us what you think.  
I mean, really tell us!
We want to know what you think.  Check out our Facebook links, they are a way to stay even more connected and join the conversation.
Connect. Encourage, Inspire.

It’s not a ministry, it’s a movement.
Won’t you join us?
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