Recently, a friend and I got together to chat and drink coffee and watch our boys get super dirty having a good time outside.

She mentioned she was looking forward to already helping with the upcoming Vacation Bible School at her church for next summer.

“Oh,” I gushed, “I know a GREAT person for you to contact! They do puppets…” I began to speak slower as I thought about this now that I was saying it, “and they do a great job and the boys are still singing their songs…but, well, they do their ministry from our church.  Would your church let them teach Vacation Bible School?”

She sighed. “Nope.”

And I sighed in frustration.  Because we both go to great churches with different ‘religious’ names so we can’t swap great ministry teams.

She and I found this to be ridiculous.

The more I think on this, the more frustrated I get with it all.  Why would a non Christian, un churched person want anything to do with the “church” groups?  If we can’t even get along why should they get along with us?

My parents use to say to me, “Do they believe in God?  Do they believe Jesus is God’s son?  Do they believe Jesus died on the cross for their sins and rose again?  Well then, we’re Christians just like they are.”

I am so thankful for my parents teaching me that all growing up because others haven’t grasped it.

Because THEIR church is right and THAT church is wrong.

THEY sing with a drum but THEY only sing the true old hymns.

blah blah blah blah blah


It’s one of the things that I love so about Praise and Coffee.  It’s not affiliated with a church for a reason – so that women from all churches and from all backgrounds can get together to connect, encourage and inspire.

Because, really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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4 Responses to Frustrated With Religion

  1. Yes and Amen. While my particular denomination has traditionally been open to others, I know that is not the same for others.
    I agree wholeheartedly that we Christians MUST come together and put all this other nonsense aside so we can work together to enlarge and expand the kingdom of God.

  2. It IS ridiculous! Are we not all part of the body of Christ, all believers considered the Church? We had this same sort of scenario in our little town, and over VBS, too! All the churches came together to put on a really good VBS for the kids because we have such teeny congregations with very few financial resources for that project. Except…one church refused to join us. And THEN they brought in “missionaries” from North Carolina to help THEM put on their OWN VBS. As though they were all alone in their efforts to reach out to the community! It stung then, it stings now…
    Maybe we need to be the change we wish to see, hm? Of course, support your church and congregation, but be a voice for the REAL Church! You’ve done that, here. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Diema says:

    Our mission is to open eyes on this subject, my hubby and I, that is. It’s a lofty, long-term vision, but we have heard the Call.

  4. Well, I do see your point… but…

    Our church is VERY careful about who is in ministry. I do believe that you need to know the character of a person before you allow them near your children especially, but teaching anyone in your church, really.

    There are many churches for the reason that there are many restaurants. Different tastes and comfort levels. Our church will not tell you to avoid another denomination, they will teach you the Word, and how to discern Truth, and then you do what God is calling you to.

    Our church would like to see you make a commitment here before you are given our trust and responsibility. I think that’s wise. It takes time to know a person’s true heart, and our children are too precious to put at risk.

    Just another opinion. It’s not about whether we all are “true Christians”.

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