Dinner conversations are the best at our house.  I often wish we could record them so I can look back one day and relive them.  When they are great, they are really great.

Take tonight for example.

Jake had been gone overnight and I was gone at football practice for S2 and I told him that tonight for dinner was chicken and rice.

He doesn’t like rice.

I was pretty happy when he took a second helping of rice.  I mentally was thinking how often I could add this dinner to our weekly meal plan because it was easy and yummy.

“You took off your hat,” Jake mentioned to me as I mixed the rice and chicken.

“I wore it to keep the sun out of my eyes,” I explained and then glanced at him, “Did you like me in my hat?”

“You looked cute.”

I beamed.  Him telling me I look cute always makes me feel a bit like Bambi when he takes flying off for the first time after being called cute.

But then there was silence.  I glanced over at him.  “You were being sarcastic, weren’t you?”

He nodded.  “This,” he worked his eyes over my too big tshirt and work out shorts, “Is not your best look.”

I fumed.

“But,” he added, “This dinner is good.”

S4 dramatically cleared his throat and leaned back in his chair.  “Daddy, you are challenged with mama.”

Jake began to laugh.  “Is that so?”

“Yes,” S4 continued, “We had to go to the gas station to get some gas in the truck and mama was on the phone and this man was just looking at her and looking at her and looking at her.”

“And she looked like this?” my husband exclaimed incredulously.

“She was in her purple dress,” S4 continued, “And I wanted to tell him not to look at her anymore cuz you would be mad!”

S2 added, “He drove away and just kept looking at her.”

“Why didn’t you tell him to stop?” Jake asked.

“If you want us to race after him and tell him that our mama is not no widow and stop looking at her, we will,” S3 informed him.

Jake laughed.  “Well, you better.”

“So you are challenged, Daddy, you better take care of mama,” S4 added.

My theory?  Who wouldn’t be looking at woman pulling into a gas station with a loud hillbilly looking truck of which the bed is filled with bikes and the cab is filled with boys.  Especially when said woman steps out of said rusty old dodge with a dress and heels.  That just screams a fun story, I think. Personally.

And that is my life.

And just one conversation at dinner tonight.

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