Tonight, I will be consuming large amounts of coffee.  In great amounts.  Tonight is our first ever
Can you join us?
Just follow the link I’ll provide, ask to join as a guest, and you enter a “chat room” where you can actually Sue, Mel, Ronel and maybe me too.  No one else need a camera, you all get to type your conversation.  As in the MAGAZINE, we will be focusing on mom’s.
I am super excited.
If you would like any back story of the night, here it is…..
My husband has been gone.  He is due to arrive the same time that the online praise and coffee begins.  I will have to give him a big ol’ kiss because I will be so excited to see him.  I will try to make sure the camera is off of for that. ;)
Seven is the time my boys will be wandering the house trying to get ready for school tomorrow.  I guarantee you that they will try to get in on the fun.
To add to the hilarity of the night, the electric company is updating something or another tonight and we will be loosing power from nine tonight until eleven thirty.
Um, the next Praise and Coffee night starts at ten…….
So at ten I will be at Sue’s with my computer in her dining room…which is conveniently right next to the coffee pot.  Bless her.
My job will be to let you all in on the conversation and tweet away during the hour long get together.  It would be so great if you could join us!
If you are friends with the blog on facebook or follow me on twitter, you can get the information there too as well as share it on your own fb’s and tweets as well.
If you want an idea what we will be discussing, check out our MAGAZINE.
I can’t wait to “see” you all there!
More information….HERE.
To go direct to the chat room, click HERE.
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