I think we have all established my hatred for opossums.

I have written about them in the Praise and Coffee Magazine.  (You can read that article HERE.)  This story remains a favorite for a lot of readers and even more friends.

If you “search” my blog, you can read one of my VERY first blog posts EVER (back when I thought we weren’t an interesting enough family to ever blog…imagine that.)  Click HERE to see a portion of what I have written over the years.

So when the boys caught this commercial on tv, they roared with laughter.  They greatly enjoy tormenting me with opossum’s.

You can see the commercial here….

We had errands to run today and the boys were still chattering away about the commercial, having now watched it for the upteenth time thanks to youtube.

S4 chirped from the back, “Daddy, can you get us a pet possum?”

“Sure”, my husband whole heartedly agreed.

“No!” I yelled.

S4 giggled.  “I think he would be so cuddly.”

“He would eat you alive!” I cried.

“I could trap one, wouldn’t cost us a thing,” S1 offered.

“No, absolutely not!” I declared.

“That possum wouldn’t eat him alive,” my husband offered, “Elly May had one and it never ate her.”

“Yah, it was nice!” S4 agreed.  “Hey, we should name it.  How about PP?”

“No possum of mine is going to be called PP,” S1 stated.

“I forbid it!” I yelled above them throwing names out.

“What does ‘forbid’ mean?” asked S4.

“That she can’t wait for the pet possum,” his Daddy tossed back at him, just as quick as could be.

The boys cheered.  S1 was nearly dying laughing.  They had the thing named before we made it much further down the road.

“I still forbid it!” I stated again.

“Hey, Daddy, I have a GREAT idea,” the brilliant S4 began excitedly.  “When Mama goes to Praise and Coffee on Thursday, lets have you catch one for us and then we can surprise her with it when she gets home.”

All males agreed this was brilliant.

The lone female did not.

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2 Responses to A Pet Possum

  1. LOLOLOL!!! Maybe I need to send you guys one. Then it would be a gift and the boys wouldn’t get in trouble?

  2. Sheila says:

    OOOOg they are just weird creepy creatures. there is a dead one at the end of your drive way…some boy in this family needs to get that varmint out of my site!

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