Spring is officially on it’s way to us here in our corner of the earth.
I had a day off when the sun was shining and I just could not stay inside.  I had to get out.  I had to dig out my growing bulbs.  I had to dig in the dirt and just smell the smell of growth and green and dirt again.
I may be odd.
But it felt sooooo good to be outside digging in dirt again.
And at the end of the night, as I snuggled down in my just washed blankets that had been dried on the clothes line and my hair still in french braid pig tails, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.
Today, however, it is dreary and cool and I am looking at my house thinking I really do need to clean it and spring it up a bit.
Cat hair blew past my toes today and I nearly screaming thinking it was a mouse.  I need to clean.
But I am also dreaming up some house plans too.
Nothing grand, just some new splashes of pain, some new curtains…I really really want the carpet to move out of our house permanently but we have discussed my hatred of carpet many times and I won’t bore you with more talk of how much I disdain the carpet and would be happier with even plywood on the floor to replace it.
Big breath…moving on.
S4 has been chattering away unlike….I do not know what to liken or unliken it to.  It’s really something else.  When he is picked up from school or dropped off from the bus, he greets me talking and he. Does. Not. Quit. Talking.
At all.
I know which kid moved in line and who had to move their car or what book was read or the games played at recess and then he asks me to spell.
“How do you spell…….”
I tell him.  “Great. Are you sure?”
I was sure.
When he is not asking me to spell, he is asking me what times what or what plus what or what minus what equals.  
By the time I go to sleep at night I want silence.
But here is the funny thing.  The day I was home alone, happily in my garden, I kept looking over my shoulder for one of my boys to be there.  Even with the wind howling and the radio on, it was eerily silent.
Sometimes I miss the little hands that would hold mine as we left the school.  Some days I miss the boys being here and me feeding them a zillion pounds of food a day.  But sometimes it is nice to just be home alone for a few hours to recoop and clean and write.
Spring always makes me want to write and write and write.
I am reading the book The Secret Garden to the boys.  They groaned when I told them.  They hated it to begin with.  But I think they are finally finding some of the magic in that book.  They actually asked me to read it the other night.  I think the book is the perfect spring time book.
Well, I could go and tell you about all sorts of more nonsense but I think that is enough for today.  I’ll try to have some heavy or funny or deep or silly thing for you soon. :)
11 days until spring
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2 Responses to A Rambling Post

  1. Karen says:

    Re: Carpet. I’m not a fan either. And, carpet is definitely not a friend in a houseful of boys.

    The Secret Garden? That’s delightful. I’ve always loved that book but never thought about reading it to my boys. But, then again, why not?

  2. Tammy says:

    Enjoyed reading your ramblings.

    I don’t like carpet, either, but…as my boys have informed me over and over wrestling on a hard floor wouldn’t be as fun. LOL

    I need to reread The Secret Garden!

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