Ever realize you just need a few things at the grocery store.

Like, right now?

And you find yourself in the midst of cleaning and you look so rough you are wondering why your hubby even kissed you goodbye as he ran out the door to cut more wood for your heat this winter.

Okay, according to him I am ALWAYS cute and kissable…but I feel that he may be the only one who feels I am always cute and I know he is the only one who finds me kissable.

Anyhow, the store.

We are fortunate enough to have a store one and half miles from our house.  However, this also means I am on a first name basis with nearly everyone who works there (we seem unforgettable for some reason). But on the weekend the employees are different and I don’t know them as well.  I was hoping that would be the case today.

I went to the store wearing my hair in a too tight bun because I put it in a bun when it was still wet.  And you know what that does to your hair style.  I have on my most comfy jeans that I KNOW I should throw away…but I just can’t.  I also cannot sit certain ways in these jeans either.  I have no make up on and this is one of these days that you are glad you are a girl so you have the option of make up…you know what I mean, it’s not a good looking day for me.

I had a tag along of two of my boys…the other two are cutting wood with Daddy.  One is dressed fine enough, the other is wearing a safety green glow in the dark bright shirt.  The shirt hangs to his knees and is filthy because he and his brother have played bunny wrangler, pumpkin chucker and swamp loggers today.

If you seen S3 you would KNOW he has played all these wonderful exciting things.

He has on big ol’ winter boots.  Why? I don’t know.

My plan was to run into the store, get what we needed and get out.


And the store wasn’t even busy when we got there – even better.

I walked in and realized the well dressed man behind us was familiar, and I hoped we wouldn’t bump into him again because I couldn’t place him.

Isn’t that the worst?

But we bumped into him once literally.  And a few other times we passed him. And he remembered us….we are the asparagus growers.  And I remembered him…the super nice rich man who tips us – TIPS US – for picking him asparagus.

Then we seen a kids we knew from school – you know how you know the kids but not the parents?  Well, the parents all got to see who these boys mom was.

I was in the check out line – IN THE LINE – ready to get out fast.  My most favorite cashier was there and I knew she’d understand my day.

But that’s when one of the employees who actually runs the store seen me.  She had asked me chicken advice and I had emailed her some info I had and she wanted to thank me and ask a few more questions.

I find her endearing and normally would love to chat but I just wanted out of there.

And what was horribly funny is that while she is chatting with me, other people are joining in.


The WHOLE CHECK OUT LANE was talking about raising chickens and what to do with mean roosters.

This means… 

A. I live in a farming community and that rocks.

B. Everyone in the store now has talked with me and I have so not gotten out of there unnoticed.

I should have just gone in tomorrow when I was all dressed up for church and just had us eat bread and butter for dinner.

Oh well, we’ve all had those days, right?  RIGHT?  And honestly….it IS nice to be noticed and appreciated.  Even if it is just for your tasty asparagus and chicken knowledge.

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3 Responses to Grocery Run

  1. fritzfacts says:

    I hate days like that, you just want to get a move on and get back home…it never works that way does it.

    But I will say that I wish I lived in a community where I knew the cashiers, that would be wonderful.

  2. There is no way they just notice you for that. Especially with 4 little boys :)

    You are loved – by everyone. And I bet not one person realized that you were in your old jeans with your hair all crazy. They just knew they saw that lovely lady Denise at the corner store:)

  3. Karen says:

    I know what you mean about the too tight bun that was made in wet hair. I do that a lot. It’s not my best look either. But, I am SURE you were still completely adorable.

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